Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Photo: Jarod/SHWA

Westside Pro Wrestling would like to wish SHWA's King of Krump, Jimmy Jamal Jenkins, a Happy 22nd Birthday!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

SHWA: iWrestle 3

SHWA: iWrestle 3
March 19, 2011
35 Catalano Rd, Canning Vale
Catalano Multisports Complex
Doors Open: 6.45 pm
Tickets: VIP table $15 (per person)* min. 4 per table, Adults $12, Kids $7 (u/16)

Matches include:
SHWA Championship Match
Jarrad Slate (c) vs. Dan Steel

SHWA Golden Hardcore Shovel Championship Match

(Careers are on the line)
Pain (c) vs. Jimmy Jamal Jenkins

"Mad" Mike Massive vs. "Mr. Attitude" Aston Crude

Elliot Forbes vs. "Firefly" Felix Young

The Wraith vs. Jake Paragon

Crazy Train vs. Crimson Lightning

Lucha Royale's Debut Event

Lucha Royale
March 19, 2011
cnr Hay and Barrack Sts
Perth Town Hall
Doors Open: 6 pm
Tickets: Early Bird $35, Door $45
18+ Event

Matches yet to be announced

Talent includes:
Anthony T. O'Donnell (ATO)
El Loco Homo
Junior & Senor
Night Monkey
Pandita: The Short-Fuse Panda
Player 1 & Player 2
Professor Cycloptopus
The Silver Fox

Saturday, February 26, 2011

EPW: Goldrush 4 results and notes

- Team Allstar (Sebastian Sander & "The Don" Michael Morleone) def. EPW Tag Team Champions, Jonathan Wimbledon & Chris Vice to become the new champions
A dispute over the belts at ringside between Johnny, Brad and the referee caused a significant distraction allowing Sander to catch Vice off guard and hit him with the jack hammer to get the win ending Wimbledon and Vice's 231 day reign as champions. This is Sander's first championship in EPW and Morleone's second time as a Tag Team Champion, after being a co-holder of the titles as part of The European Union in 2006.

A confrontation took place between Storm and Pitt after Mean Dean Olsen tried to get Marcius' comments about things he had said earlier in the week which gave many the impression that Marcius did not care about EPW, only about furthering his own career.

- Jay Taylor def. Brett Foxx

Taylor got a measure of revenge on Foxx who had pinned him at Re-Awakening 9 to win the eight man tag match for Team McGavin.

- The Blackest Hour (Adrian Priest & Dorian) def. Gavin McGavin & Ryan Dangerfield

Devlin Reeves announced his retirement and Rick Sanders ordered fellow Hour member, Richter to take Reeves out. Richter refused and Sanders fired the former EPW Champion from the faction.

- EPW Hardcore Champion, "Sho
tgun" Tyler Jacobs def. Alex Kingston to retain the title
Jacobs got the win after knocking Kingston out. The Hardcore Shield has been replaced with a new Hardcore Championship belt.

- AZ Vegara def. Jimmy Payne, Chase Griffin and "Hollywood" Kiel Steria to become #1 contender for the EPW Championship

Vegara got the win after Payne's arms caught Amber sending her off the apron. Jimmy went out to check on her, concerned for what he had done while AZ managed to get the pin on Chase who Jimmy had hit with the gore moments earlier.
Amber suffered a suspected broken nose. AZ will get his shot at Davis Storm's EPW Championship at the next event.

Leo Pratt came out complaining that he was not on the card and challenged members of the audience to a match. After arguing with members of the audience at ringside, Pratt returned to the ring where comments made by Lukey caused him to leave.

- EPW Champion, Davis Storm def. Marcius Pitt to retain the title
Storm retained with a roll-up on Pitt. An Angry Pitt went on to attack Storm before Jimmy Payne made the save, brawling with Marcius to the backstage area. With those two out of the way, AZ Vegara came from the crowd and hit a neckbreaker on Storm.

WPW would like to thank Dave Hills for his help.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mikey Nicholls and Shane Haste debut in NOAH

Photo: Pro Wrestling NOAH

Mikey Nicholls and Shane Haste made their Pro Wrestling NOAH debuts on February 23. In the opening bout of the card, Nicholls defeated Haste in 12:53 (The second longest match of the night, only the main went longer).

Both men took part in the WLW/NOAH training camp during late 2010 at Harley Race's Wrestling Academy and impressed enough to get bookings for the promotion. It is Haste's first time working in Japan, but Nicholls' has worked there in the past for New Japan.

The International Wrestling Superhero teamed up with Hartley Jackson on July 2, 2006 to take on Minoru and Hirooki Goto
in a Japan vs. Australia World Cup Revenge match at the world famous Korakuen Hall in Tokyo (Minoru and Goto won). The match was broadcast on the Japanese ESPN.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mark Silva, the new WXW Champion!

Screen Capture: World Xtreme Wrestling

"The Outback Silverback" Mark Silva, became the two time WXW Champion on February 12 in Minneola, FL. Silva won with the assistance of Brian Maddox and Rico Moon, who distracted "High Profile" Dylan Night by trying to kidnap his valet, Candi.

Alex G then came out and slided a chair in for Silva, who then proceeded to blast Night with it, before hitting the Southern Cross (F5) for the victory. The four men, now known as the Root of all Evil, then laid a beatdown on the former champion until Sugaa came out to run them off, before challenging Alex G and Maddox to a match on February 26.

Silva, the son of legendary Aussie Rules commentator, Dennis Commetti has been in the United States since late 2009, following his dream of getting a WWE contract. The Outback Silverback's first reign began on September 11, 2010, when he defeated then champion, The Perfect Creation and Nick Folie in a Triple Threat match, before losing the title back to Creation just over a month later on October 23.

Originally trained by Mana, Silva made a one off appperance at NHPW's Southern Impact defeating then Light Heavyweight (Hi-Fi) Champion, Heritor, before heading Stateside. He has made one very brief appearance on Monday Night RAW as a "Security Guard", chasing after John Cena and the Nexus.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

NHPW and WA wrestling represented at CHIKARA's King of Trios 2011

The New Horizon Pro Wrestling trio of WA's Percy T. and Kabel, along with NZ's Tama Williams will be representing Australia at CHIKARA's King of Trios tournament on April 15-17.

The following stats are from the (upcoming) 2011 WPW Almanac:
Height: 7' (213 cm)
Weight: 286 lbs (129 kgs)
Hometown: Parts Unknown
Debut: October 23, 2009
Trained by: Mana
Finishing Move: Sit out Double Chokebomb
Worked for: New Horizon Pro Wrestling, Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance

Height: 6’ 2” (190 cm)
154 lbs (70 kgs)
Alexander Library
October 28, 2006
Trained by:
Ravemeister, Dustin Dice
Previous Name/s:
Percival T. Longwinkler, Tiberius Long
Finishing Move:
Lung Blower
Worked for:
Australasian Wrestling Federation, New Horizon Pro Wrestling, PWA Elite, Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance
Career Achievements:
Future of NHPW (2010)

Height: 6' 2" (188 cm)
Weight: 209 lbs (95 kgs)
From: Taupo, New Zealand
Debut: October 2009
Trained by: TNT
Finishing Move: Air New Zealand Splash
Worked for: Australasian Wrestling Federation, New Horizon Pro Wrestling, PROWL Wrestling
Titles Held: AWF Commonwealth Championship; NHPW Art of Fighting Champion

Saturday, February 19, 2011

SHWA: Collision Course results and notes

- Elliott Forbes def. Crimson Lightning
Forbes had to take on Lightning singlehandedly in the match as SHWA Commisioner KJ Rollins, had suspended Ebenizah J. Klaus for the month of February.

- Avalanche def. "Firefly" Felix Young
Felix Young's losing streak (0-9) continued, even with the support of his new manager "Flashy" Barry Hawkins.

- Crazy Train, Shiv Simpson & El Jim Bob def. Jack Lariat, Wayne Kerr & Shinobi
The six man Lucha Libre rules masked match saw the debut of the ninja, Shinobi and the rather questionable antics of Wayne Kerr return to the SHWA ring.

- "Mad" Mike Massive def. "Mr. Attitude" Aston Crude via DQ
Crude attacked Massive while he was signing autographs during intermission, leading to the two brawling to the ring. Crude knocked Massive out using an "unknown substance" which was brought to the ring by Avalache who distracted the former SHWA champion enough for Crude to use the substance on Massive.

- The Muscle Militia (The Wraith & Pain) def. The Steel Kings (Jimmy Jamal Jenkins & Dan Steel)
Jimmy Jamal Jenkins not happy with the loss challenged Pain to a match for the Golden Hardcore Shovel at iWRESTLE 3 on March 19. Pain, through The Wraith who was interpreting his grunts, upped the ante by challenging Jenkins to make it a match where both their careers are on the line.

- SHWA Champion, Jarrad Slate def. Jake Paragon to retain the title
Jarrad Slate retained the SHWA Championship after a brutal, strong style battle with the Alpha and Omega of Australian Wrestling, Jake Paragon. Both men was bruised, battered and exhausted following the match.

Friday, February 18, 2011

EPW: Goldrush 4

EPW: Goldrush 4
February 26, 2011
1 Vasto Pl, Balcatta
Vasto Club
Tickets: Adults $20, Children $12.50

Matches include
EPW Championship Match
Davis Storm (c) vs. Marcius Pitt

EPW Tag Team Championship Match
Jonathan Wimbledon & Chris Vice (c) vs. Team Allstar (Sebastian Sander & "The Don" Michael Morleone)

EPW Hardcore Shield Match
Tyler Jacobs (c) vs. Alex Kingston

Brett Foxx vs. Jay Taylor

Gavin McGavin & Ryan Dangerfield vs. The Blackest Hour (Adrian Priest & Dorian)

Wraith's World #4

Photo: Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance

Westside Pro Wrestling unleashes the Wraith on its readers with a bi-monthly column. You want some of this? Of course you do!

It's the day after Hardcore Havoc. One of the few times I rest is after a show and I find myself thinking about the tournament to crown the first Golden Hardcore shovel. It was brought about from the awesome hardcore match that me and my brothers in the Muscle Militia had over the SHWA Championship belt. That match is now part of SHWA history.

So the fans loved the match and asked for more, and more is which they got. Three hard fought battles consisting of Elliot Forbes, Avalanche, Mad Mike Massive and PAIN.

Photo: Just Mike Designs /SHWA

First up was Forbes and Massive in a tables match, the odds were stacked against Forbes but in this match Massive was the one to go though a table! Luckily for Elliot, new comer Aston Crude ran in and nailed Massive in the head with a kendo stick, Elliot scored the win from Aston actions. But why would he do that!? What motivates Crude??? Well I guess you'll have to head down to the show! Collision Course!!!

The next qualifier was Avalanche from the now disbanded Soldiers of Fortune, taking on Muscle Militia member PAIN!! Right from the start it was fight or flight for Avalanche!!! And fight he did try! But the pressure that PAIN poured on was too much! He succumbed to the chair shots and when he was put away with PAIN’S second rope Death Valley bomb onto a chair, it was a landslide to the end! Who can stop this Hardcore Monster??

Elliot Forbes, who managed to snatch victory away from Massive, was to step up to the final… for the victor gets the spoils... The Golden Hardcore shovel!!!

So the match was set. Elliot Forbes vs. PAIN for the first ever Hardcore Golden Shovel!!!

Just as the match about to begin Elliot Forbes rushed PAIN and attacked him from behind, trying to set the pace of the match, Forbes went on the offence but PAIN was not about to let that happen, blocking the attempted clothesline with nothing but his chest. PAIN was not about to go down at the start! PAIN overcome with relentless power showed his frustration and Forbes scrambled for a chair to even the odds!!! But PAIN had the same idea… "BAM" right over the head!

To PAIN, a chair is not enough. He had already put down Avalanche with only one chair, so feeling experimental PAIN pulled from under the ring… a 32" microwave oven!!! Wielding it like it was made from plastic, "POW" PAIN nails Elliot again in the head. Looking a little under cooked, Forbes came back with a cheap shot to goolies, he did not want to stand by and be roasted. He showed what sort of man he is in the kitchen, using the microwave and dazzling us with the appliance.

The duelists moved onto more traditional weapons, a kendo stick for Forbes and the barbed wire wrapped axe handle for PAIN! Forbes rushed forward and struck PAIN in head! PAIN wore the shot with pride and delivered his own back drawing the first blood on Elliot, did Forbes really know what he was getting into our was he blinded by the gold!?!

It was back and forth and with Elliot scrambling from weapon to weapon with no avail.

PAIN was after one thing… The Golden Hardcore Shovel, and no man was going to stand in his way!!!

In a momentary lapse of attention by PAIN, Forbes gained the upper hand, going for the table under the ring. Maybe he was scared or unexperienced in these types of matches but as he set the table up and didn't get the legs right, so it buckled as he tried to lay PAIN on it. PAIN made the most of this situation, countered Forbes and set the table up on the turnbuckle “BLAMMO” drove Forbes though it with a military press to huge leaping spine buster!!! Amazingly Elliot Forbes kicks out!!!

The Man of Money was going to show the world that he could run with the big boys! High risk has high reward, just like riding the stock market, Elliot Forbes when up high with a chair and came crashing down on PAIN, chair under his arm with an viscous elbow drop! 1, 2 KICK OUT!!! A huge feat but this was for the Golden Hardcore Shovel, the pinnacle of hardcore wrestling in the Southern Hemisphere!!!

Having enough of Forbes, PAIN turned to the thumbtacks to finish this battle of might! Noticing a stop sign in the ring, PAIN proceeded to pour out the tacks on top of it. Back drop next followed up with a Jackhammer onto the tacks, PAIN went for the cover. Seeing his beloved client in trouble, Ebenezer J Klaus stopped the count.

PAIN, quite annoyed at Forbes’ efforts and at the match dragging on tossed Klaus like a rag doll into the tacks, but it gave Forbes just enough time to the climb the turnbuckle! PAIN nails Forbes with a running strike and slips underneath him, picks him up into the power bomb position and starts to climb the ropes. “KAPOW!” PAIN lunges out from the turnbuckle with a SHEERDROP power bomb into the thumbtacks!!!

1... 2... 3!! it's was over! PAIN had crushed Forbes to become the first ever SHWA GOLDEN HARDCORE SHOVEL CHAMPION!!!!

Photo: Just Mike Designs /SHWA
Now it's my time to shine.

I'm gonna bring my A-game to Collision Course, defeat the Steel Kings and prove why I’m the best at what I do!!

Don't forget to Check out the Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance facebook page which has all the latest news, updates and most important, all the event details.

To see SHWA videos head over to also you can follow my facebook page at!/pages/The-Wraith/135127106531932

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Lewd View #1

He's Lewd... He's Tattooed... He is Mr. Attitude! The newest member of the Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance roster, Aston Crude brings to you his Lewd View!

Hello to all the loyal WPW monthly readers, my name is Karl River Infirri aka “Mr Attitude” Aston Crude, and I’ll now be contributing a monthly column to Westside Pro Wrestling. Thank you to Tez for allowing me this platform to continue a passion of mine, writing. I'm a new wrestler to hit the scene, and have been working for the Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance since I debuted in November. I’m not writing only to promote myself, I’m not doing this column to cut unnecessary promo's for Aston Crude, I'm here to talk to you all; Shooting from the hip about my views on the crazy world of professional wrestling. If you want to see me cut promos, check out for my monthly show “Total Attitude” - which to toot my own horn, is pretty good. The Lewd View will be my monthly commentary on whatever is on my mind as it pertains to pro wrestling, whether it is local, interstate or international. Or if I’m bored with wrestling, I’ll talk about bodacious hot chicks.

Today’s topic is about me. I figured I should introduce myself, right? I’m 24, have worked way too many odd jobs over the years, I’ve been a casual stand up comedian for the last 2 years, (you can see me perform sometimes in Perth at "The Brisbane" or "The Brass Monkey") and I have just started testing the waters as to if wrestling really is my dream that I want to come true. I have promised myself I’ll spend a year in this insane business, and then decide if I want to go all out with it. The way I see it is, your mid 20’s are the most important years as far as doing the things you’ve always wanted to do, whether it be travel, party hard and sleep with copious amounts of babes, save money and buy a house, have kids and become an adult a few years too soon, and so on. I’ve travelled to Europe and the U.S; I’ve partied hard and slept with copious amounts of babes, but the rest I haven’t really thought about - because of this one obsession that won’t leave my mind. That one obsession in which I’ve been swept up in since I was 12 years old, Professional wrestling.

Photo: Just Mike Designs/SHWA

You hear the warning signs. You’re told that this is an industry which is known for tearing families apart. You’re told this is an industry where only the best of the best can make it. You’re told this is an industry which is most likely going to leave you with some physical limitations as you get older. It’s pretty much guaranteed that at some point, you will get hurt. Yet the fire and passion burning through my heart for this crazy industry won’t let me turn away. I can’t get on with my life, because I feel as if I can’t do anything else. I could, but why do something that I don’t want to do? Wrestling has its risks, its warning signs, and its downfalls. Hearing the roar of that crowd is too addictive to walk away from. If you numbered the positives of being involved in pro wrestling, they would be less than the negatives, yet for most of us, it still outweighs the negatives tenfold. To hold the crowd in the palm of your hand at any moment, when you hit a crisp dropkick and hear the crowd ooh and ahh over the act of athleticism that’s on display, suspending disbelief, and defying implausibility for a split second, knowing that you had everyone looking at you and believing it’s real. That’s the pay off. To think people in this world actually get paid to do this sounds absolutely amazing. I want in, but I need to see if I can hack it first.

What I’ve seen so far, and what I have experienced so far has been eye opening. I find the whole process to be intriguing, and find this art form to be one of the most intricate and interesting concepts in the world. Some people look at wrestling and see it as a simple formula. It’s not. The mechanics of a whole match, a whole show and a whole company have all these laws and tricks that the average person can’t begin to comprehend. Some people get it, some people just don’t. Some people get it and excel tremendously. Some don’t get it, but they continue to evolve and learn till they get to a point where their hard work shows improvement in the understanding of wrestling. There are people who don’t get it at all, but still want to be a part of this craziness. There are some who don’t get it at all but think they do and act accordingly! Then, there are people that just don’t get it at all, like my Dad. He was always so against it, and I didn’t tell him I did it till about a week ago. After he saw pictures and saw it was the real deal, then he finally accepted it. He still doesn’t get it, though.

Photo: Just Mike Designs/SHWA

Me on the other hand, I’m seeing how this industry works step by step. I’ll make the decision on my future come December, SHWA has been fantastic to me and brought me self pride that I’ve never felt before, except for the time I slept with this chick from Australia’s Next Top Model. That story however isn’t for public consumption... and the memory is certainly for private use only, if you know what I mean. And if you don’t know what I mean, what I’m trying to say is I touch myself when I think about it you stupid moron.

I look forward to the year ahead, sharing my weird humour, thoughts and experiences with you all, whilst helping SHWA grow bigger and better. This will be a year of growth for me as a human being and I hope you enjoy reading about it.

K.R.I’s picks of the month:
DVD to watch: WWE: Bobby “The Brain” Heenan
Event to watch: ECW Wrestlepalooza 1997
Match to watch: WCW Nitro, April 26, 1999, World title - Diamond Dallas Page (c) vs. Sting
Favourite recent moment: Diesel returns at the rumble.
Most disliked recent moment: TNA’s booking.

Karl River Infirri - Aston Crude

NHPW: Battle of Honour results and notes

Battle of Honour
February 11, 2011
North Fremantle, WA

- NC Viper def. Mange

Viper had originally been scheduled to take on former KillSwitch Krew partner Tapu. Tama Williams came out and announced he had a surprise for Viper, the surprise being his new opponent Mange. After getting the win over Mange, Viper was attacked by an un-named newcomer and the Art of Fighting champion, before they focused their attention on Mange.

- Heritor def. Pretty Boy Troy

- TNT (NSW) def. Spaceboy Dacey (NSW)
Spaceboy recieved a split lip after a shot by TNT about halfway through the match.

Photo: ShaunSean Promotions

- David Hawk (SA) & Kellie Skater (VIC) def. Percy T. & Jessie McKay (NSW)

After the match it looked like the end of Percy and Jessie as a couple, before Percy got on bended knee and proposed to Jessie, with Jessie accepting.

- Rhys Youngblood (NZ) def. Colt Cabana (USA) and “Scientific” Robert Barnes (NSW)

Youngblood, a former FCW talent (Rhys Ali) , got the surprise win over the veteran Cabana and the AWF Young Lions champion, Barnes. Mikki Murdoch, Youngblood's valet also made her NHPW debut to the delight of most of the male crowd members and Cabana who offered to take her on a date to Nando's.

- Kabel and David Hawk (SA) won the Death Row match.
Jaxon James and Benjy Da Clown (SA) had to retire from NHPW and Australian wrestling
after being the last two left in the reverse elimination match.

Photo: ShaunSean Promotions

- Homicide (USA) def. NHPW Art of Fighting champion, Tama Williams (NSW) to win the title
ROH and former TNA star Homicide ended Williams' six month reign as the Art of Fighting champion in a match where the "187" brutalized the former champion at times.