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WPW Award winners 2011

For the third year in a row WPW has voted upon several categories of wrestling in Western Australia.

The winners for 2011 are:

EPW Wrestler of the Year: Marcius Pitt
NHPW Wrestler of the Year: Kabel
SHWA Wrestler of the Year: Crazy Train
Lucha Royale Character of the Year: Pandita
EPW Match of the Year: Bobby Marshall vs. Gavin McGavin (Re-Awakening X)

NHPW Match of the Year: Homicide vs. Tama Williams (Battle of Honour)
SHWA Match of the Year: The Wraith vs. Jarrad Slate (Ascension III)
International Impact Award: Shane Haste/Mikey Nicholls (Tie)
Feud of the Year: Davis Storm vs. Marcius Pitt (EPW)
EPW Event of the Year: Re-Awakening X
NHPW Event of the Year: Battle of Honour
SHWA Event of the Year: Midyear Mayhem 2011
Tag Team of the Year: Diamonds in the Rough (EPW)
Rookie of the Year: Hayden Zenith (EPW/SHWA/AAW/NHPW)
Manager of the Year: William Darcy (EPW/SHWA)
Valet of the Year: Amber (EPW)
Referee of the Year: Giles O’Brien (EPW)
Announcer of the Year: CJ Rose (EPW)
International Wrestler of the Year: Homicide (NHPW)
Interstate Wrestler of the Year: Carlo Cannon (EPW)


EPW Wrestler of the Year
2009: Bobby Marshall
2010: Davis Storm/Sebastian Sander (Tie)

NHPW Wrestler of the Year
2010: NC Viper

SHWA Wrestler of the Year
2009: Jarrad Slate
2010: Jarrad Slate

EPW Match of the Year
2009: Slex/Carlo Cannon vs. Davis Storm/Jimmy Payne (WA vs. VIC)
2010: Richter vs. Bobby Marshall (Re-Awakening 8)

NHPW Match of the Year
2009: B-Boy vs. Jarek Matthews (Southern Impact)
2010: Kellie Skater vs. Jessie McKay (Hardcore Resurrection 2010)

SHWA Match of the Year
2009: Chris Masters vs. Jarrad Slate (Breaking Ground)
2010: Jarrad Slate vs. Crazy Train (Reckless Abandon)

International Impact Award
2009: Mikey Nicholls*
2010: Bobby Marshall
*Known as the WA International Wrestler of the Year

Feud of the Year
2010: The Blackest Hour vs. Team Allstar (EPW)

EPW Event of the Year
2010: Re-Awakening 8

NHPW Event of the Year
2010: Global Conflict

SHWA Event of the Year
2010: Midyear Mayhem 2010

Tag Team of the Year
2009: Blitz Team (EPW)
2010: TMDK (EPW)

Rookie of the Year
2009: Corey (SHWA)
2010: Dan Steel (SHWA)

Manager of the Year
2009: Ebenizah J. Klaus (SHWA/NHPW)
2010: Ebenizah J. Klaus (SHWA)

Referee of the Year
2009: Liam Ferguson (SHWA/NHPW)
2010: Giles O' Brien (EPW)/Liam Ferguson (SHWA) (Tie)

Announcer of the Year

2009: Callan Rose (EPW)
2010: CJ Rose (EPW)

International Wrestler of the Year

2009: Jarek Matthews (EPW/SHWA/NHPW)
2010: Colt Cabana (NHPW)

Interstate Wrestler of the Year
2009: KrackerJak (EPW)
2010: Damian Slater (EPW)


Wrestler of the Year (Readers Choice)
2009: Davis Storm (EPW)
2010: Jarrad Slate (SHWA)

Women's Wrestler of the Year
2009: Michelle (SHWA/AAW)

Commentator of the Year

2009: Mean Dean Olsen (EPW)
2010: Mean Dean Olsen (EPW)

Entrance Theme of the Year
2009: NC Viper (SHWA/NHPW): Kid Tsunami - Who's the Man?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Mean Scene #16

Photo: Tez Himself

One half of the voices of Explosive Pro Wrestling, and the two time WPW Commentator of the Year, Mean Dean Olsen brings WPW all the latest on the EPW scene.

Ladies and gentlemen, 10 years ago Explosive Pro Wrestling made its debut in W.A. and has set the standard for all to follow ever since. Now a decade later it’s time to show everyone just how amazing EPW really is. That’s right I’m talking about ReAwakening X!! This historic milestone event will take place at the Vasto Club in Balcatta on Saturday, November 12th and believe me you do not want to miss this show as it will be jam packed with the best wrestling action you’ll see all year. Let’s take a look at what you can look forward to.

The Blackest Hour will be in action in a six man tag match and after Rick Sanders had his hair cut off at Telethon Bash they will be taking no prisoners as they go up against Brett Foxx, Adam Banks and the returning “for one night only” Devlin Reeves. This one will see tempers flaring as the Blackest Hour have been demolishing Foxx and Banks as of late and when they fought back, Sanders and co. were not happy. With former Blackest Hour member Reeves in this match up, things have gotten personal. One thing’s for sure there’s going to be a lot of people hurting after this one.

The feud between Team Allstar and the Entourage has been heading towards it’s boiling point for quite some time now. Throughout the year William Darcy and his crew have been all over the Allstars and Brad West has had enough. It will be Brad West, Alex Kingston and The Don up against South Australia’s Rocky Menero, Hayden Zenith and Leo Pratt. After the brawls we have seen during the year between these two groups, on the biggest show of the year this one promises to be explosive.

ReAwakening X will also see the semi finals and the final of the 2011 EPW invitational tournament. In the first semi we see the 2011 Rising Star cup winner, the rookie Scotty Ryan go up against Mr. Cash Money himself Carlo Cannon. We all know how good Cannon can be, as we have seen many times, but after Ryan’s surprise win at Telethon Bash, could the rising star shock the wrestling world again?

The second semi is between two people who are no strangers to each other, Sebastian Sander and “Hollywood” Kiel Steria. We’ve seen both competitors go at it a number of times, but on this biggest stage of all, and for a huge prize, they’ll be pulling out all the stops. The winners of the two semi finals will then do battle to crown the winner of the 2011 Invitational Champion. It’s the longest running tournament in Australian wrestling and with a future opportunity for a shot at the EPW championship; all four men will have the fight of their careers ahead of them.

After spending 2011 aspiring to get EPW gold around his waist “the Shootfighter” Gavin McGavin finally got the job done at Telethon Bash when he dethroned Tyler Jacobs and became the EPW Hardcore champion. While McGavin is ecstatic about his title victory the celebration will have to be put on hold as he has one of the biggest matches of his career at ReAwakening X. Board of directors member, Brett Corvus has put the new champ up against one of EPW’s toughest Bobby Marshall. Given Marshall’s history at ReAwakening events and hardcore matches I think it’s safe to say he will do some horrendous things to the Shootfighter. McGavin fought hard to win the belt and now he’ll have to fight even harder to keep it, I wish him all the best of luck, he’ll need it.

The ever impressing EPW tag team division with have a four way battle over the Tag Team Championships at ReAwakening X and if that wasn’t enough, it’s going to be a table’s match. The current tag champs AZ Vegara and Jay Taylor will have to odds against them when they have to defend the gold against the Brothers Schmidt, the reunited Dan Moore and Chase Griffin and the newly formed team of Jamie Jurah and Jimmy Payne. A match of this caliber promises plenty of action and high impact mayhem. As we see time and time again the tag team division in EPW keeps going from strength to strength and it’ll be interesting to see how Dan and Chase will go on the grand stage, we have seen in the past how good they are as a combined force, but since reforming they still aren’t quite on the same page. Jimmy Payne and Jamie Jurah are new to the tag league but when you have two guys with the talent, skill and power as these two, it can only mean a painful night out for their opponents. When two former EPW champions and EPW tag champions join forces they have to be a big chance at winning the titles. The Brothers Schmidt on the other hand have had an interesting year but have been rather impressive in the last half of the year and who knows, it could finally be the time for the Schmidt’s to reign supreme. Meanwhile as impressive as JT and AZ have been as champs they have had a lot of outside help from the lovely Amber, but will that be enough when you are up against four other teams? I guess you’ll have to be there to see who will win and how amazing it will be.

Now the main event of ReAwakening X is humungous, we have the current EPW champion “the Golden Greek” Marcius Pitt facing off against “Shotgun” Tyler Jacobs. Now that in itself is a huge match up, but the stakes are even higher as Pitt puts his title on the line and now Jacobs has put his career on the line. Tyler Jacobs is an EPW original, throughout the entire 10 years of EPW he has been one to watch, a jack of all trades. He has won every title and done everything there is in the company and no matter who he faces off with, always puts on an amazing contest and backs down to no one! Pitt on the other hand has had a spectacular 2011, he finally won the EPW championship defeating former champ Davis Storm and later in the year he even defeated Storm and forced him into retirement. Leading into ReAwakening X the Golden Greek is looking to retire another EPW original, retain his championship and go down in history as one of the all time greats in EPW, but this is easier said than done. Tyler Jacobs is as tough as nails and three times as sharp, and any match be beats his opponents with a ferocity like no other, throw into the mix he has a chance to once again hold the EPW championship and he has to defend his career, you better believe Jacobs is going throw everything he has into this match up. I hope Marcius Pitt knows what he has got himself into. This match will be one for the history books, we will either see a new champion, one of the originals regaining his throne or we will see one of the new generation assert his dominance on the new era of EPW and sending another EPW original away for good.

It seriously doesn’t get any bigger than this, EPW ReAwakening X, Saturday November 12th at the Vasto Club in Balcatta. I want to see all of you there, tell your friends and family, and tell them to tell their friends and family. It will be EPW at it’s finest, 10 years in the making, history will be made, don’t miss it. Until next time keep supporting local wrestling and stay tuned to

Friday, October 7, 2011

Spaceboy Dacey interview

Spaceboy Dacey has been wrestling for the Australasian Wrestling Federation since 2007 and this Saturday night faces off against Jay Law for the Young Lion's Championship. Tez caught up with Spaceboy recently to talk about his career so far.

Photo: Australasian Wrestling Federation

WPW: What led you into wanting to become a wrestler and what it was like training at the AWF Dojo?
SPACEBOY: I've been watching wrestling since I was four years old and never got over it. When I’d just turned 18 I was at the King Cross Hotel and I met a guy by the name of Kieran Burns, we get to talking and he tells me he is a ring an-nouncer for a pro wrestling company. Straight away I was interested and he said I should check it out. We have been friends ever since.

A few months later I was at a WWE show in Homebush and at the end of the night I found an AWF flyer on my car. I rang the number and spoke with Greg Bownds himself and by February 2006, I started training at the AWF Dojo in Minto NSW (45 min drive from my house). The training was great, the warm ups exhausted you before you would even start training, especially on a hot summers day. Learning how to bump and wrestle in a kickboxing ring toughened me up a hell of a lot.

WPW: You made your debut against Jason Helton, who had competed in WWF and ECW. How nervous were you taking on a name such as Helton in your debut match? SPACEBOY: I debuted in spring of 2007 against Jason Helton at Cardiff Panthers near Newcastle NSW. Sure I was nervous but I didn’t really have time to worry about it. I rocked up to the show hoping to get my first shot on the show, but I wasn’t booked.

Greg (booker) approached me and asked me do u have your wrestling gear? I said yeah it’s in my car. He said good, called Helton over and said Jason meet Jason your opponent for today. I was excited, started to get nervous when Il Cognito told me Helton had wrestled the Undertaker, Taz etc. But Helton made me put my nerves aside and said I’d do fine.

I couldn’t have had a better debut opponent or match, he is a true professional. I spoke to him recently and he told me I did very well for someone’s first match ever.

WPW: For the early part of your career you competed under the name of Destroyer Dacey. What led to the moniker change?
SPACEBOY: Well during my debut match with Helton, I was wearing these wrestling shorts that a skull in the shape of a spade, so when I was announced to the ring, special guest ring announcer Max Comic (as a joke) announced me as Neo Spadeskull. The crowd must have misheard because during the match the crowd kept chanting "SPACEBOY, SPACEBOY, SPACEBOY".

After the match I returned backstage to a standing ovation from my peers (one of my fondest wrestling memories).The boys then said you are stuck with that name now! My matches after that I wrestled as Destroyer Dacey until January 2009 when I tagged with the scientist Robbie Barnes. He demanded I be called Spaceboy, and I suggested our team name of Team Astronomy. I still bring out thedestroyer persona in my matches, and my finishing move is called the space destroyer!

WPW: In October 2009 you won your first and only to date championship in the AWF, teaming with the Scientist to win the Tag Team Championships at a House Show. At the Break Out event, only one month later the team forfeited them. What was the story behind that?
SPACEBOY: We won the tag titles at the Campbelltown cube in front of 550 people in a fatal 4 way tag team match. WWE's Kizarny was on the show also. Soon after that Rob went overseas to the states to train at Booker T's school of wrestling for 3 months. The AWF wouldn’t let me defend the titles by myself, so I was stripped of the only title I’ve ever had.

WPW: You have recently earned a shot at Jay Law’s Young Lions Championship. The match is scheduled to take place at the October Wrestlefest event. Do you feel it’s now time for Spaceboy to win his first singles championship?
SPACEBOY: After four years of wrestling across the country, I definitely feel it's Spaceboy’s time to win his first singles title.

Photo: ShaunSean Promotions

WPW: You have formed a successful Tag Team with Percy T, known as the Phenomenal Dominators in NHPW and Nerds in Space in AWF. The team is currently undefeated in three states. How did the team come about?
SPACEBOY: AWF held a show in Adelaide for the fringe festival in early 2010, and used talent from Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth. In one of my matches I was booked in a tag match with my partner being Percy T. We won our match vs. Jarrad Slate & Mr. Mortis.

After a night on the town celebrating we realised we had heaps in common. I ended up debuting in NHPW later that year thanks to Percy and my first match there was a tag team with Percy which we also won. I’ve been to every NHPW show ever since and we have become best friends. We also tagged this year for AWF in Sydney and AWF Supanova in Perth where we beat one of the best tag teams in the country TMDK.

I think we make such a great tag team because we think alike, been wrestling the same number of years, and the combination of his technical style and intelligence and my high impact style, size and strength will make it hard for anyone to end our winning streak.

WPW: Speaking of New Horizon Pro Wrestling you have been over several times for the promotion now since debuting in November 2010. Do you have any goals in NHPW as far as title runs or getting to square off against anyone in particular?
SPACEBOY: My goal is definitely to win the Art of Fighting championship currently held by Notorious 187 Homicide. I’d definitely like to wrestle Homicide one day, or any international wrestler of his caliber, I’d learn a lot from a match like that. I’ve faced the majority of the Aussie wrestlers in NHPW and AWF

WPW: At NHPW’s Battle for Honour back in February you had a brutal match with TNT, where you suffered a broken nose and continued on for another 10+ minutes. Was it difficult to continue for that length of time?
SPACEBOY: After the initial shock, seeing my own blood along with the crowd reaction fired me up for the rest of the match and I gave some pretty stiff shots back, but mainly the adrenalin and the noise of the crowd made it easier to keep going.

*Battle for Honour is now available on DVD at NHPW events.

WPW: What have been some of your favourite matches and feuds in your career so far? SPACEBOY: My match with scientific Robert Barnes on the central coast. My match with Tama Williams at the Minto Dojo. I also had a lot of fun wrestling the tag team of Traffic and Frankie Fettuccini in Wollongong Oh, and my debut match against Jason Helton to obviously. My feuds with Rob Barnes and feuds with Tama Williams and the Multicultural Society have been the longest so I’d say those feuds.

WPW: What is Spaceboy hoping to accomplish over the next few years and do you have any plans to train and work overseas?
SPACEBOY: I’m going to wrestle and train as much as possible. I hope to win some titles, and I definitely want to work in the USA as soon as I can. I definitely want to train there also.

I hope I achieve more strength, power, and improve my wrestling skills over the next few years and make Spaceboy a common name amongst the wrestling community in Australia and even the USA

WPW: Thank you for taking the time to speak to Westside Pro Wrestling, Spaceboy.

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The Mean Scene #15

Photo: Tez Himself

One half of the voices of Explosive Pro Wrestling, and the two time WPW Commentator of the Year, Mean Dean Olsen brings WPW all the latest on the EPW scene.

Explosive Pro Wrestling’s third annual Telethon Bash is happening this Saturday, September 17th at the Cyril Jackson Rec Centre and going by how this year has been it will be a show not to be missed. Last year we raised $3500 for Telethon, this year with your help we hope to raise even more. The show itself has a lot of great matches announced including the first round of the Invitational Tournament 2011, we will also see the return of the EPW Rising Star Cup. Over the last year we have seen many of EPW’s next generation step up and do big things, such as last month at Hell or Highwater with Marcius Pitt winning the EPW championship. With so many young up and coming breakout talents, the Rising Star Cup is a fantastic way for some of these wrestlers to help elevate themselves.

With past winners such as Dan Moore who went on to become an EPW Tag Team Champion. Sebastian Sander, who was also a tag champ and just last month had his first shot at the EPW Championship and last year’s winner 'Gorgeous' Garry Schmidt, who will get a shot at his first ever Tag Team Championship on Saturday, it shows that the Rising Star Cup leads to bigger and better things. This year’s gauntlet for the cup has a great display of talent in it such as Brett Foxx, who made his debut in last year's match, has had a great year wowing fans with his aerial offence and fast paced style. He has also formed a tag team with Adam Banks who have seen some success and look to be setting themselves as major players in the EPW tag team ranks.

Hayden Zenith will be involved in the Gauntlet match for the cup and has been one to watch in EPW this year. His affiliation with the Entourage, has seen Zenith learn all the dirty tricks in the book from 'Hollywood' Kiel Steria and manager William Darcy. With the Entourage he has been involved in a number of tag team bouts with Steria against a lot of EPW’s seasoned veterans, in this he has gained experience against many big names and will surely have an advantage over some of his less experienced opponents.

'The Real Life Risky Business' Leo Pratt is going to be looking to get his hands on the cup as well, we have seen and heard all about how he wants competition and the opportunity in EPW and now will be the perfect opportunity to make a name for himself. Always over the top and sometimes getting in the face of the wrong people. Not one lacking confidence, a victory will ensure that Pratt will be bragging, dancing around and telling everyone in ear shot how good he is.

Another competitor for the cup is Ryan Dangerfield, Mr. 'No Regrets' has been in EPW for some time now and has shown everyone he has all the guts and determination in the world to be a big name in EPW. Many times we have seen Dangerfield put his body on the line in his matches, showing no fear against even the toughest opponent. No stranger to a tough fight, I imagine Ryan Dangerfield will pull out all the stops to be the new cup holder and throw everything he has at his opponents.

It was only a few months ago we witnessed the debut of the 'Bolly Boy' Eddy Bombay, he immediately went and aligned himself with the Entourage and in his first match got a little too wrapped up in greeting fans then he did wrestling. Instead of attacking the competition in the ring Eddy was partying and dancing around high fiving every fan in sight. Whilst I think the Bolly Boy may have a bright future in EPW, he must be sure to make himself more focused at Telethon Bash if he wants a chance at the cup. At some of EPW’s house shows he has shown he is more than just a big personality and could very well pose a threat to the company yet.

Much like last year’s match in which we saw the debut of Brett Foxx, this year’s gauntlet match will see a new EPW rookie having his first appearance at a big EPW show. Scotty Ryan has been training hard at EPW’s Dynamite Factory for some time now, learning from some of EPW’s finest on how to trade holds with the best of them and at Telethon Bash he will not only get his first big match of his career but will also get a shot at the Rising Star Cup. EPW members have seen Ryan in action as he has had two bouts at house shows, one up against EPW Hardcore Champion Tyler Jacobs. The match was a little one sided, but Scotty Ryan show a hell of a lot of tenacity and just would not quit, even in the face of a brutal beating. Qualities like this and the fact not many are familiar with him makes Scotty Ryan a wildcard in this match and one to keep your eye on.

The last wrestler in the match and certainly not least is Dorian of the Blackest Hour. Being trained and guided by former EPW champion Richter and led by the maniacal Rick Sanders, Dorian has learnt everything from some of the sickest minds in EPW. With Adrian Priest and the rest of the Blackest Hour he has seen himself in a lot of high calibre match ups in EPW including the insane riot den match against Team All Star, Dorian has been main events, something none of the others in this match up have. All of this will help him in his quest for the cup, but clearly Dorian has the size and weight advantage over the rest of the competition. As seen in his matches he is as strong as they come and it takes a massive amount of force to get the big man off his feet, it will be hard for any man to get Dorian out of the running for the cup. Because of all of this you would have to say Dorian is the hot favourite to take out the Rising Star Cup for 2011.

So make sure you get yourself down to the Cyril Jackson Rec centre this Saturday to see who takes home the Rising Star Cup, also with the tag team titles on the line and we will see a new number 1 contender for the EPW title. Most of all be sure to dig deep and help raise money for Telethon. It will be a great show for a great cause, I want to see you all there. Until next time keep supporting local wrestling and stay tuned to