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Spaceboy Dacey interview

Spaceboy Dacey has been wrestling for the Australasian Wrestling Federation since 2007 and this Saturday night faces off against Jay Law for the Young Lion's Championship. Tez caught up with Spaceboy recently to talk about his career so far.

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WPW: What led you into wanting to become a wrestler and what it was like training at the AWF Dojo?
SPACEBOY: I've been watching wrestling since I was four years old and never got over it. When I’d just turned 18 I was at the King Cross Hotel and I met a guy by the name of Kieran Burns, we get to talking and he tells me he is a ring an-nouncer for a pro wrestling company. Straight away I was interested and he said I should check it out. We have been friends ever since.

A few months later I was at a WWE show in Homebush and at the end of the night I found an AWF flyer on my car. I rang the number and spoke with Greg Bownds himself and by February 2006, I started training at the AWF Dojo in Minto NSW (45 min drive from my house). The training was great, the warm ups exhausted you before you would even start training, especially on a hot summers day. Learning how to bump and wrestle in a kickboxing ring toughened me up a hell of a lot.

WPW: You made your debut against Jason Helton, who had competed in WWF and ECW. How nervous were you taking on a name such as Helton in your debut match? SPACEBOY: I debuted in spring of 2007 against Jason Helton at Cardiff Panthers near Newcastle NSW. Sure I was nervous but I didn’t really have time to worry about it. I rocked up to the show hoping to get my first shot on the show, but I wasn’t booked.

Greg (booker) approached me and asked me do u have your wrestling gear? I said yeah it’s in my car. He said good, called Helton over and said Jason meet Jason your opponent for today. I was excited, started to get nervous when Il Cognito told me Helton had wrestled the Undertaker, Taz etc. But Helton made me put my nerves aside and said I’d do fine.

I couldn’t have had a better debut opponent or match, he is a true professional. I spoke to him recently and he told me I did very well for someone’s first match ever.

WPW: For the early part of your career you competed under the name of Destroyer Dacey. What led to the moniker change?
SPACEBOY: Well during my debut match with Helton, I was wearing these wrestling shorts that a skull in the shape of a spade, so when I was announced to the ring, special guest ring announcer Max Comic (as a joke) announced me as Neo Spadeskull. The crowd must have misheard because during the match the crowd kept chanting "SPACEBOY, SPACEBOY, SPACEBOY".

After the match I returned backstage to a standing ovation from my peers (one of my fondest wrestling memories).The boys then said you are stuck with that name now! My matches after that I wrestled as Destroyer Dacey until January 2009 when I tagged with the scientist Robbie Barnes. He demanded I be called Spaceboy, and I suggested our team name of Team Astronomy. I still bring out thedestroyer persona in my matches, and my finishing move is called the space destroyer!

WPW: In October 2009 you won your first and only to date championship in the AWF, teaming with the Scientist to win the Tag Team Championships at a House Show. At the Break Out event, only one month later the team forfeited them. What was the story behind that?
SPACEBOY: We won the tag titles at the Campbelltown cube in front of 550 people in a fatal 4 way tag team match. WWE's Kizarny was on the show also. Soon after that Rob went overseas to the states to train at Booker T's school of wrestling for 3 months. The AWF wouldn’t let me defend the titles by myself, so I was stripped of the only title I’ve ever had.

WPW: You have recently earned a shot at Jay Law’s Young Lions Championship. The match is scheduled to take place at the October Wrestlefest event. Do you feel it’s now time for Spaceboy to win his first singles championship?
SPACEBOY: After four years of wrestling across the country, I definitely feel it's Spaceboy’s time to win his first singles title.

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WPW: You have formed a successful Tag Team with Percy T, known as the Phenomenal Dominators in NHPW and Nerds in Space in AWF. The team is currently undefeated in three states. How did the team come about?
SPACEBOY: AWF held a show in Adelaide for the fringe festival in early 2010, and used talent from Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth. In one of my matches I was booked in a tag match with my partner being Percy T. We won our match vs. Jarrad Slate & Mr. Mortis.

After a night on the town celebrating we realised we had heaps in common. I ended up debuting in NHPW later that year thanks to Percy and my first match there was a tag team with Percy which we also won. I’ve been to every NHPW show ever since and we have become best friends. We also tagged this year for AWF in Sydney and AWF Supanova in Perth where we beat one of the best tag teams in the country TMDK.

I think we make such a great tag team because we think alike, been wrestling the same number of years, and the combination of his technical style and intelligence and my high impact style, size and strength will make it hard for anyone to end our winning streak.

WPW: Speaking of New Horizon Pro Wrestling you have been over several times for the promotion now since debuting in November 2010. Do you have any goals in NHPW as far as title runs or getting to square off against anyone in particular?
SPACEBOY: My goal is definitely to win the Art of Fighting championship currently held by Notorious 187 Homicide. I’d definitely like to wrestle Homicide one day, or any international wrestler of his caliber, I’d learn a lot from a match like that. I’ve faced the majority of the Aussie wrestlers in NHPW and AWF

WPW: At NHPW’s Battle for Honour back in February you had a brutal match with TNT, where you suffered a broken nose and continued on for another 10+ minutes. Was it difficult to continue for that length of time?
SPACEBOY: After the initial shock, seeing my own blood along with the crowd reaction fired me up for the rest of the match and I gave some pretty stiff shots back, but mainly the adrenalin and the noise of the crowd made it easier to keep going.

*Battle for Honour is now available on DVD at NHPW events.

WPW: What have been some of your favourite matches and feuds in your career so far? SPACEBOY: My match with scientific Robert Barnes on the central coast. My match with Tama Williams at the Minto Dojo. I also had a lot of fun wrestling the tag team of Traffic and Frankie Fettuccini in Wollongong Oh, and my debut match against Jason Helton to obviously. My feuds with Rob Barnes and feuds with Tama Williams and the Multicultural Society have been the longest so I’d say those feuds.

WPW: What is Spaceboy hoping to accomplish over the next few years and do you have any plans to train and work overseas?
SPACEBOY: I’m going to wrestle and train as much as possible. I hope to win some titles, and I definitely want to work in the USA as soon as I can. I definitely want to train there also.

I hope I achieve more strength, power, and improve my wrestling skills over the next few years and make Spaceboy a common name amongst the wrestling community in Australia and even the USA

WPW: Thank you for taking the time to speak to Westside Pro Wrestling, Spaceboy.

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