Friday, August 5, 2011

Westside Pro Wrestling's 2nd Anniversary Thank You list

This month Westside Pro Wrestling celebrates it's second anniversary.

We would like to thank the following for their support over the past two years:
Explosive Pro Wrestling
Ladies of Australian Wrestling
Lucha Royale
New Horizon Pro Wrestling
Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance
Australian Pro Wrestling
The Indy Show
Rumble Magazine
Wrestle Hustle
Just Mike Designs
ShaunSean Promotions
Jenna B.
Thomas Riley
Mana the Polynesian Warrior
Liam "Toshio" Ferguson
"Bruiser" Barry Schmidt
"Gorgeous" Garry Schmidt
"Mean" Dean Olsen
The Wraith
Aston Crude
Jarod R.
Davis Storm
Rick Sanders
Jarrad Slate
Jay Cal
Michelle Hasluck
Bryan B.
Rohan Herbstriet
Marek Indyka
A.J. Maggot
Troy Bailey
Michael Farnell
Shaun H.
Nerelle Hasluck
Amanda K.
and all those who have been willing to be interviewed and helped out.

Apologies to anyone I may have forgotten.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

WPW Press: West Aussie Invasion


The weekend of July 23 saw a West Aussie invasion of South Australia and Queensland as talent from
New Horizon Pro Wrestling (NHPW) and the Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance (SHWA) crossed borders.

NHPW’s Kabel fresh off his dominant performances at Reload took on Puro Loco at High Risk Pro Wrestling’s (HRPW) second last ever event “Winter Warfare” gaining the victory. Kabel told WPW “The crowd was good, a good size and reacted like most crowds. Just that initial "holy s**t" kinda thing when I walk out, then they pop like usual for all my big moves. It was a squash match so it was quick. The fans didn’t like what I did to one of their favorites in Puro Loco. But they all walked away with my name in their collective minds.”

SHWA’s “Mad” Mike Massive and Ebenizah J. Klaus appeared at Pro Wrestling Ignition’s (PWI) Carpe Diem, with Massive losing to Victoria’s Alexi Papadopoulos. Following his return to Perth, Massive told WPW “My match with Alexi would have to be one of the most enjoyable matches I have had in my short wrestling career. Everything went to plan quite nicely. He is a great guy to work with. As far as the crowd goes, 100 plus very loud, vocal and feral South Australians (laughs). They hated me! A very enjoyable night and I can’t wait for the next interstate trip.”

NHPW and SHWA competitor, adopted West Aussie, the Warship defeated
Queensland’s Mason Childs to become the first ever PROWL Heavyweight Champion at “Night of Revolution”. WPW asked the Ship what it was like winning his first ever title. “Show was the best yet, a much larger crowd than normal, PROWL is hopefully on the rise now. The match with Mason (Childs) was very good, energetic. The crowd really loved him and really hated me. Things worked out and yeah, it’s really cool. Holding the PROWL championship means that I’m the face of the company, I'm a representation of the company as a whole, and that the company has faith in me as a pro wrestler. It’s good to get recognition.”

Tez Himself

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The San Count #12

Ichi! Ni! San! WPW’s resident puro referee, Toshio, counts down his top san moments, matches and events on a bi-monthly basis.

This edition of "The San Count" will focus on the three biggest highlights of this weekends SHWA show, Running Wild!

EPW Debuts:
One of the highlights of Running Wild, and for many shows to come, is the debuts of several EPW wrestlers. Midyear Mayhem saw the SHWA debut of TMDK (Shane Haste and Mikey Nicholls), and August 6 will see four more making their way to the SHWA ring. These being: the "Real Life Risky Business" Leo Pratt, Hayden Zenith, "White Flash" Ryan Dangerfield and "Gorgeous" Garry Schmidt.

Zenith and Pratt have formed a tag team named "$EXY BUSINES$" and will be competing in a gauntlet match for the SHWA Tag Team Championship trophies. Dangerfield will be going one-on-one with Elliot Forbes (w/ Ebenizah J. Klaus). And after interupting the post-show signings at Midyear Mayhem, Schmidt will be facing a former SHWA Champion, in "Mad" Mike Massive. These three matches will be very competitive, which asks the question how many of these debuting wrestlers will claim victory in their SHWA debut?

Photo: Amanda/Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance

Tag Team titles:
As mentioned above SHWA is crowning the first ever tag team champions! The trophies will be awarded to the winners of a 5-team gauntlet match. Thes teams are $EXY BUSINES$ (Leo Pratt and Hayden Zenith), The Steel Kings (Dan Steel and Jimmy Jamal Jenkins), two Muscle Militia teams, plus The Giant Kyote and Jake Paragon.

The way a gauntlet match works is two teams begin, once a team is eliminated (by either pinfall, submission, count out or disqualification) another team will enter. The final team left standing will be declared the winners, and the first ever holders of the SHWA Tag Team Championship trophies!

The biggest factor for all five teams is the entry in the gauntlet, as the higher the entry the more chance the team has of winning. There is no guarantee on the placement of the teams, but we can guarantee that after Saturday night there will new SHWA Tag Team Champions!

Screen Capture: Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance


Everything else in between: Another debut at the event is a man who's come all the way from Victoria to Western Australia, and is the current PROWL Champion, that being The Warship. He will be facing the underdog of SHWA, "Firefly" Felix Young. With size, strength and experience all in Warship's favour, will Young be able to pull off a huge upset? Check out the introduction of Warship to SHWA here:

Also on the card is a match pitting two of the most unorthordox characters in SHWA, those being Sven Zoltanhassen and El Jim Bob, plus much more! Midyear Mayhem was one of our biggest and best shows, and the momentum will carry onto this weekend's Running Wild!

SHWA Running Wild takes place this Saturday, August 6th at 7pm. It will be held at the Swan Park Leisure Centre on Gray Drive in Midvale (Midland area).

Visit for more info.

The Mean Scene #15

Photo: Tez Himself

One half of the voices of Explosive Pro Wrestling, and the two time WPW Commentator of the Year, Mean Dean Olsen brings WPW all the latest on the EPW scene.

Welcome back to another exciting edition of The Mean Scene where I rant about all things Explosive Pro Wrestling. Hell or Highwater is quickly approaching and with some of the matches announced, the tenth annual event it is lining up to be a show not to be missed. It has one of the most stacked cards of the year, with a line up of matches that could rival a ReAwakening show. Now last month, I touched on the battle for the EPW tag team titles that will happen at Hell or Highwater. This month I want to focus on the main event, the EPW title match which is shaping up to be a classic.

The match will see current champion “The Ironman” Davis Storm defend his title against Team All Star's massive powerhouse Sebastian Sander and Victorias cockiest dirtbag “Cash Money” Carlo Cannon. A three way championship match for the EPW title will headline the show and having seen all three of these guys work as of late it is going to be one hell of a tight contest. Also we must acknowledge the fact that being a three person bout, it adds the intangible “X” factor of having an odd amount of people battling for dominance. So many times through wrestling history things have been focused on two individuals in a three way match, only to have the third party be the sly one stealing the victory. We must also take a look at the individuals and what they will bring to the table on the night.

Photo: Explosive Pro Wrestling

Since making his debut in EPW everyone has kept a close eye on Sebastian Sander as he had “future main eventer” written all over him. In his career so far, Sander has ploughed through the competition and quickly asserted his dominance in EPW, although only being here for a few years, no one in the company has ever taken him lightly and rightfully so. Sander has a spectacular height advantage over almost the entire roster, is also built like a tank and has the raw brute strength to go along with it. All these factors make him a danger to anyone opposing him at anytime. Having Team All Star at his side has helped him from time to time, but more often than not, it is him helping them. I believe the only factor against him in his first EPW title match is his inexperience in the main event title picture. While he has been a tag champion and battled in many high calibre match ups, he is in there with two seasoned vets who know every trick in the book and have even written a few new ones.

Photo: Explosive Pro Wrestling

Carlo Cannon is an interesting wrestler, he has that “love to hate” factor, where he is such an arrogant, cocky jerk but also has the skills and talent to back it up. As we have seen a number of times in the past he can get the job done in EPW and has hung with the best and numerous occasions. His run with Slex as EPW Tag Team Champions set the Australian wrestling world on fire and sent shockwaves through EPW, one can only imagine what would happen if he were to win the EPW Championship. Now, we have seen his YouTube videos of him running around the streets of Melbourne trash talking and superkicking bystanders on the street and I think many people are quick to write Cannon off as just another young ego maniac who’s head is too big for his own good. I think this is selling him short because his wrestling ability is second to none. As much as we don’t like to admit he is one of the best in this country, although small in hight he is large in heart, has lightning quickness, an impressive arsenal of moves, technical wrestling skills and the cunning and smarts to defeat anyone opposite him in the squared circle. If victorious I’m sure we’ll see a new video saying the EPW championship is “staying in Melbourne” this would be detrimental to EPW, but it is a possibility given Carlo's track record and the fact that he has defeated Davis Storm in EPW more than once.

Photo: Explosive Pro Wrestling

Speaking of Davis Storm, 2011 has been an interesting year for the Ironman, he kicked off the year as champion and has been a fighting champion as we would expect no less. But the competition in EPW is at an all time high right now with more people lining up for a title shot than I’d care to count. It was a few months ago after a gruelling match with AZ Vegara at Midyear Mayhem, that Marcius Pitt defeated Storm for the belt. This lead to a bone crunching last man standing match in which Storm regained the championship, which was followed moments later by Mikey Nicholls getting in his face wanting a title shot. We were even treated to a champion vs. champion match with Storm against hardcore champion Tyler Jacobs at Midyear Mayhem 2. These two battered and bruised each other in a fantastic contest that showed just how good the competition is in EPW in 2011. I really don’t need to talk up the ability of Davis Storm, we all know how good he is and time and time again he proves himself even when it looks as if he is done. There is no quit in him and he has proven on so many occasions that is a fine example of what it takes to be the best in EPW.

When the three of these competitors collide at Hell or Highwater, it is going to be a match that will be remembered for years regardless of the outcome. Will we see Sebastian Sander usher in a new era as a fist time EPW champion? Will we see the EPW title go back to Melbourne with Carlo Cannon, leaving EPW in a state of disarray, without a championship title thanks to an individual that very few in this state have beaten? Or will we see one of the best EPW champions retain the title that gives him reason to live and further his legacy in the history books of Explosive Pro Wrestling?

Well you need to get yourself to the Vasto Club in Balcatta on August 13 to find out, it’s EPW’s Hell or Highwater 2011, featuring so many great match ups, making it a show not to be missed. Until next time keep supporting local wrestling and stay tuned to