Sunday, December 5, 2010

SHWA: Ascension II results

- Crimson Lightning def. Dan Steel and Jimmy Jamal Jenkins
- Crazy Train & Jake Paragon def. $oldiers of Fortune (Elliot Forbes & Avalanche) with the $oF having to disband after the match due to the stipulation
- "Mr. Attitude" Aston Crude def. "Firefly" Felix Young
- Shiv Simpson won the SHWA Masked Battle Royal Championship Match after last eliminating El Jim Bob. Other competitors included Jack Lariat (c), Wayne Kerr, That Dirty Hippie and The Invisible Man
- "Mad" Mike Massive def. Antonio De'Ath (NSW)
- Kyote (QLD) def. Jake Paragon
- SHWA Champion, Jarrad Slate def. Pain and The Wraith in a Hardcore Match to retain the title

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