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July 17, 2011


I had the pleasure of chatting to Felix Young after his match at SHWA's Midyear Mayhem 2011. He told me his thoughts on the show and what’s next for the rising star.

What were your thoughts on your matches at Midyear Mayhem and entering the rumble at number 1?
FY: It was a solid match, I really thought I had won it, hit my finisher twice and when I tried to pin Steel, he shifted his hips and rolled me over for then win which was disappointing. I entered the rumble first and made it to number 11 so I believe I did pretty well for myself.

You spent the most amount of time in the rumble, how did you last so long?
FY: It may sound silly but I think that the fear helped me through, at one point I was in the ring with Jake Paragon and Kyote, both bigger than me, Kyote almost a foot taller and outweighs me by around 200 pounds, then later against Mike Massive. Absolute giants so I just held onto the bottom rope as best I could and didn't let go.

A fan of yours was so overwhelmed by emotion when he met you that he had a few tears in his eyes, how did that make you feel?
FY: That’s really special to me, one of the best moments I've had in the business. I understand why people get excited to meet the superstars in the WWE but not me, it’s pretty cool.

What’s next for Felix Young?
FY: What's next? Well winning a match would be nice (laughs) and I might have to talk to Commissioner Crimson and Crazy Train about a title shot, Crazy's a good friend of mine and I'm happy to see him win the belt and hopefully I'll get a title shot myself, that’s the dream, to win the belt.

We might be the most isolated city in the world but Perth has a great showcase of talent and a fan base like any other. We meet a fan that loves local wrestlers as much as the internationals.

Matthew, a fan of SHWA got to meet his favourite wrestler, Felix Young.
When I spoke to him, he told me that he looks up to Felix and he thought it was unreal to be able to meet him. Matthew supports SHWA and said he will definitely be back to support him.

In Matthew's eyes were tears of inspiration and it took me back to when I was his age and how innocently a role model can seem larger than life.

It was certainly a highlight for Matthew and Felix now has a life-long supporter.

Sean Ravage and KJ Rollins have been contributing to SHWA for a long time and Midyear Mayhem was their last show, having sold their share of SHWA to Crimson Lightning. After their last appearance here's what they had to say…

It’s your last appearance at SHWA, how are you feeling?
SR: Well I've been part of SHWA for two and a half years now and it's always been something special, it’s great to be able to leave on a high-note especially when KJ and I are off to fight crime. Apparently, I’m going to be called the “Ravenous Lunchbox”
KJ: (at Sean) You are quite ravenous…
SR: I don't really have a lunchbox…
KJ: Well where do you put your lunch?
SR: In a box, but that’s not the point.
KJ: (laughs) We are moving on and although we put a lot of efforts into SHWA, it’s going to be awesome to fight crime.

How did the “Ravenous Lunchbox” come about?
SR: I eat a lot. Long story short, we went out one time and ordered a burger that was a bit much.
KJ: It was like a cow in bread.
SR: Yeah, it was a full quarter pounder, two extra patties and I downed it in like four minutes.
KJ: And you also had a triple cheeseburger, large fries, six nuggets and a super size coke.
SR: Thank you KJ, I think she gets the point (laughs) but the name comes from when I was wrestling as Sean Ravage.
V: I thought it was a take on a good-looking lunchbox? (laughs)
SR: You could say that, I'll take that as a compliment…
KJ: I wouldn't say that.

What about your superhero name KJ Rollins?
KJ: I thought my name would be self explanatory, being my name is pretty damn incredible.
V: Like Harry Potter?
KJ: Eh, nothing like that (laughs)
SR: Maybe if he had a wand…
KJ: I got a wand here Sean (laughs)
SR: Keep it clean KJ (laughs)

Thanks Sean, KJ and Aston Crude for you input in live and local wrestling, good luck in your future endeavour’s and we wish you the best of luck.

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