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WPW Press: Ladies of Australian Wrestling

SUNDAY – JULY 24, 2011


On July 19, 2011 South Australian Women’s promotion Glamour Championship Wrestling (GCW) posted the following announcement on Facebook. “Due to a change in management Glamour Championship Wrestling will no longer be operating. Due to some conflict of interest early on a new company will be rising up with the same talent, new management and hopefully a stronger direction for the girls involved and the fans to experience our girls Australia wide. We will be releasing this new page shortly, with hopefully some more girls to add to our already great list. Hopefully we will still be able to get the same strong support we have gotten from you. Please stay posted.”

As GCW comes to an end, the Ladies of Australian Wrestling (LAW) begins. LAW will be promoting Women’s wrestling throughout various promotions in Australia. The LAW General Manager told WPW, “The whole point of this is to give women’s wrestling a bit more exposure with hopefully exclusive companies doing LAW matches across all states.”

Last night, LAW was represented in two states. PROWL Wrestling in Queensland where Niki Nitro (NSW) defeated Baby Devine (NSW) in a “Queen of the Pride” Tournament match and Pro Wrestling Ignition (PWI) in South Australia where TJ Star (ACT) defeated Charli (VIC). Some of the other talent to be promoted under the LAW banner will include Cassie Kye (VIC), Michelle K. Hasluck (WA) and Mighty Mel (NSW).

LAW has affiliations with the above mentioned PROWL as well as the Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance (SHWA) in WA, and will be holding their debut show in late 2011.

Keep up-to-date with LAW at or email for further information.

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