Sunday, July 17, 2011

WPW Press - Interview with The Giant Kyote

July 17, 2011


Photo: Amanda

Just now, I met up with The Giant Kyote about to start the 1kg Outback Jack’s Challenge, here's what he had to say about his recent return to Perth and his WWE tryout.

Kyote, after Midyear Mayhem, how do you feel about the Perth wrestling scene?
K: Perth has created a friendly atmosphere, everyone is willing to help and the fans are still excited. I enjoy coming to Perth, so much so that I’m going to be a regular SHWA wrestler.

We've seen you on social media sites and in newspapers about your WWE tryouts. How was it?
K: It was unbelievable, I thought it was a joke at first but I went along just in case. A group of us were invited to have a generic six minute match and afterwards we got to meet John Cena. An amazing experience, Cena is so humble and modest.

Who were you been trained by?
K: I’m always learning, everywhere I go but originally by Peter Ball, Mason Childs, BJ Blade, Sweet Ass and Troy Ball

Anyone you'd like to thank?
K: Nic XL and Minx
*NB: Minx will be appearing at SHWA's Collateral Damage event on Sept 10

5 random questions by 5 random wrestlers:
Marvel or DC fan?
K: I want to say Marvel but I’m definitely a DC fan. Batman and the Joker being the favourite.

What do you think of that chair?
K: It's a nice chair, nice and comfy.

What’s your shoe size?
K: American 14 boots or Australian 17-18

What would you do if you weren't a wrestler?
K: Probably be a youth worker

What would you do if you were the last person on Earth?
K: Play Halo on Xbox… all day… until I was number one on Xbox Live

By now, Kyote has finished his 1kg steak, claiming victory on the beef!

Kyote will be appearing at SHWA's Running Wild on August 6.

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  1. I have met this guy. Really big nice guy. But to be honest I think he is rather two faced. You can see him kissing arse and playing with someones head. It makes me sad. But I feel happy seeing some one happy and I do hope he grows up and doesnt mess with a persons head the way he does. I merely met him a few times briefly with his advice being 'dont do that' and yet he does it. People say hes full of respect. I say he is full of arse kissing.

  2. i agree with this fella ^ but hes a really big guy like big show he will do well