Monday, July 25, 2011

WPW Press: Airbag fails in Slate crash

MONDAY - JULY 25, 2011
Photo: Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance

Jarrad Slate was on his way home from The Dynamite Factory at around 6pm last night when he plowed his vehicle into 2 small cars. Luckily being 6”4’ his head narrowly missed the steering wheel, instead the impact pushed his chest into it causing him to lose his breath.

All occupants were shaken including an elderly lady and a learner driver and the 3 cars looked like they had been in the WWE Crush Hour Game. Slate has told WPW Press “I’ll be alright, this won’t keep Jarrad Slate down!” (via Facebook).

WPW Press is happy to report that there were no injuries and Slate will be recovered in time to appear at SHWA’s Aug 6th event "Running Wild".

Amanda K

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