Friday, February 18, 2011

Wraith's World #4

Photo: Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance

Westside Pro Wrestling unleashes the Wraith on its readers with a bi-monthly column. You want some of this? Of course you do!

It's the day after Hardcore Havoc. One of the few times I rest is after a show and I find myself thinking about the tournament to crown the first Golden Hardcore shovel. It was brought about from the awesome hardcore match that me and my brothers in the Muscle Militia had over the SHWA Championship belt. That match is now part of SHWA history.

So the fans loved the match and asked for more, and more is which they got. Three hard fought battles consisting of Elliot Forbes, Avalanche, Mad Mike Massive and PAIN.

Photo: Just Mike Designs /SHWA

First up was Forbes and Massive in a tables match, the odds were stacked against Forbes but in this match Massive was the one to go though a table! Luckily for Elliot, new comer Aston Crude ran in and nailed Massive in the head with a kendo stick, Elliot scored the win from Aston actions. But why would he do that!? What motivates Crude??? Well I guess you'll have to head down to the show! Collision Course!!!

The next qualifier was Avalanche from the now disbanded Soldiers of Fortune, taking on Muscle Militia member PAIN!! Right from the start it was fight or flight for Avalanche!!! And fight he did try! But the pressure that PAIN poured on was too much! He succumbed to the chair shots and when he was put away with PAIN’S second rope Death Valley bomb onto a chair, it was a landslide to the end! Who can stop this Hardcore Monster??

Elliot Forbes, who managed to snatch victory away from Massive, was to step up to the final… for the victor gets the spoils... The Golden Hardcore shovel!!!

So the match was set. Elliot Forbes vs. PAIN for the first ever Hardcore Golden Shovel!!!

Just as the match about to begin Elliot Forbes rushed PAIN and attacked him from behind, trying to set the pace of the match, Forbes went on the offence but PAIN was not about to let that happen, blocking the attempted clothesline with nothing but his chest. PAIN was not about to go down at the start! PAIN overcome with relentless power showed his frustration and Forbes scrambled for a chair to even the odds!!! But PAIN had the same idea… "BAM" right over the head!

To PAIN, a chair is not enough. He had already put down Avalanche with only one chair, so feeling experimental PAIN pulled from under the ring… a 32" microwave oven!!! Wielding it like it was made from plastic, "POW" PAIN nails Elliot again in the head. Looking a little under cooked, Forbes came back with a cheap shot to goolies, he did not want to stand by and be roasted. He showed what sort of man he is in the kitchen, using the microwave and dazzling us with the appliance.

The duelists moved onto more traditional weapons, a kendo stick for Forbes and the barbed wire wrapped axe handle for PAIN! Forbes rushed forward and struck PAIN in head! PAIN wore the shot with pride and delivered his own back drawing the first blood on Elliot, did Forbes really know what he was getting into our was he blinded by the gold!?!

It was back and forth and with Elliot scrambling from weapon to weapon with no avail.

PAIN was after one thing… The Golden Hardcore Shovel, and no man was going to stand in his way!!!

In a momentary lapse of attention by PAIN, Forbes gained the upper hand, going for the table under the ring. Maybe he was scared or unexperienced in these types of matches but as he set the table up and didn't get the legs right, so it buckled as he tried to lay PAIN on it. PAIN made the most of this situation, countered Forbes and set the table up on the turnbuckle “BLAMMO” drove Forbes though it with a military press to huge leaping spine buster!!! Amazingly Elliot Forbes kicks out!!!

The Man of Money was going to show the world that he could run with the big boys! High risk has high reward, just like riding the stock market, Elliot Forbes when up high with a chair and came crashing down on PAIN, chair under his arm with an viscous elbow drop! 1, 2 KICK OUT!!! A huge feat but this was for the Golden Hardcore Shovel, the pinnacle of hardcore wrestling in the Southern Hemisphere!!!

Having enough of Forbes, PAIN turned to the thumbtacks to finish this battle of might! Noticing a stop sign in the ring, PAIN proceeded to pour out the tacks on top of it. Back drop next followed up with a Jackhammer onto the tacks, PAIN went for the cover. Seeing his beloved client in trouble, Ebenezer J Klaus stopped the count.

PAIN, quite annoyed at Forbes’ efforts and at the match dragging on tossed Klaus like a rag doll into the tacks, but it gave Forbes just enough time to the climb the turnbuckle! PAIN nails Forbes with a running strike and slips underneath him, picks him up into the power bomb position and starts to climb the ropes. “KAPOW!” PAIN lunges out from the turnbuckle with a SHEERDROP power bomb into the thumbtacks!!!

1... 2... 3!! it's was over! PAIN had crushed Forbes to become the first ever SHWA GOLDEN HARDCORE SHOVEL CHAMPION!!!!

Photo: Just Mike Designs /SHWA
Now it's my time to shine.

I'm gonna bring my A-game to Collision Course, defeat the Steel Kings and prove why I’m the best at what I do!!

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