Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Editorial by EPW's Bruiser Barry Schmidt

Photo: Explosive Pro Wrestling

I would like to use this as an opportunity to send an open letter to Jimmy Payne.

On the 11th of September last year we had a match at Road to Glory 2 in that match you broke my spine. I was told by Doctors that I wouldn't be able wrestle again. I experienced loss of feeling in my left leg and mild paralysis through my lower back. There was a period where I was completely immobile due to nerve damage. I had CT scans taken that showed severely prolapsed discs and it was decided on Wednesday 27th of October by Dr Emil Popovic to preform an immediate microdisectomy. I spent my 23rd birthday at the Mount hospital, and spent my Christmas holidays learning how to walk again. In mid November Dr Emil gave me a pair of crutches and allowed me to begin physiotherapy and I spent the next 3 months rehabbing, training harder than I ever have in my life.

Because to me wrestling is my life. You ask anyone in EPW and they will tell you that wrestling is all I think about, it's what I am. And in that match, Jimmy Payne, you gored me and took that away from me.

And despite what my Physiotherapists, Doctors and Surgeon told me I refused to accept that I was done wrestling. I am not prepared to give it up, especially because of you. I've spent countless hours of physio at gyms and in pools rebuiliding my body. and on Janurary 25th I will visit Dr Emil to be cleared to return to the sport that I love. And I intend on settling the score with you Jimmy.

I didn't push this hard to return to wrestling for any other reason. Wrestlers talk about coming back for the bright lights, the fans and title belts. My only motivation to come back was unfinished business. Jimmy Payne you've beaten me, broke my spine and humiliated my brother and myself infront of Explosive Pro Wrestling, and I've promised to myself and to Gorgeous that we will have our revenge.

Jimmy Payne I will make you feel everything you put me through, I will prove to EPW that they were wrong and that I can beat you. I will fight you on any stage at any time, and I don't care if EPW are refusing to make this happen, I will make this happen, and I won't be satisified until you face me again. I will not be denied a rematch.

The mistake you made was to take wrestling away from me, because I now know what it feels like to be told I'd never be able to wrestle again, and it has made me more vicious than ever before. Explosive Pro Wrestling hasn't seen the worst out of me yet.

Bruiser Barry

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