Saturday, February 19, 2011

SHWA: Collision Course results and notes

- Elliott Forbes def. Crimson Lightning
Forbes had to take on Lightning singlehandedly in the match as SHWA Commisioner KJ Rollins, had suspended Ebenizah J. Klaus for the month of February.

- Avalanche def. "Firefly" Felix Young
Felix Young's losing streak (0-9) continued, even with the support of his new manager "Flashy" Barry Hawkins.

- Crazy Train, Shiv Simpson & El Jim Bob def. Jack Lariat, Wayne Kerr & Shinobi
The six man Lucha Libre rules masked match saw the debut of the ninja, Shinobi and the rather questionable antics of Wayne Kerr return to the SHWA ring.

- "Mad" Mike Massive def. "Mr. Attitude" Aston Crude via DQ
Crude attacked Massive while he was signing autographs during intermission, leading to the two brawling to the ring. Crude knocked Massive out using an "unknown substance" which was brought to the ring by Avalache who distracted the former SHWA champion enough for Crude to use the substance on Massive.

- The Muscle Militia (The Wraith & Pain) def. The Steel Kings (Jimmy Jamal Jenkins & Dan Steel)
Jimmy Jamal Jenkins not happy with the loss challenged Pain to a match for the Golden Hardcore Shovel at iWRESTLE 3 on March 19. Pain, through The Wraith who was interpreting his grunts, upped the ante by challenging Jenkins to make it a match where both their careers are on the line.

- SHWA Champion, Jarrad Slate def. Jake Paragon to retain the title
Jarrad Slate retained the SHWA Championship after a brutal, strong style battle with the Alpha and Omega of Australian Wrestling, Jake Paragon. Both men was bruised, battered and exhausted following the match.

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