Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Warrior's Words #12

Photo: World 1/Mana

New Horizon Pro Wrestling’s Mana, the Polynesian Warrior, brings Westside Pro Wrestling a monthly column in which he gives his thoughts on the current scene or talks with superstar friends from his past in the United States.

Tour of America for April 2011

Leaving our great shores of Western Australia is never an easy thing to do - the lifestyle is relaxed, weather is 90% great and the people are kind and respectful. As I organise a last tour to America (let’s face it I am getting older now and travelling for this type of thing is going to get harder) I find myself with the same overwhelming excitement I got when I first travelled to the United States of America. For “Cannonball” Kris Taylor, Percy T, Tama Williams and Kabel, the month of April 2011 will be a hard few weeks to soak in the training as well as working 2-3 shows per weekend but I know they are ready.

We are going to be situated in the Philadelphia area and for the five guys going with me it’s going to be a great experience. They will be training nearly every day with the Wild Samoans Training Centre under my trainer Headshrinker Samu, Afa Jnr (Manu from WWE), Snisky and former WWE developmental wrestler “Rotten” Tommy Suede (Tommy Rotten from the movie The Wrestler). For me it will be awesome to return to the dungeons of the Wild Samoans and to see all the photos of past workers that will sure to be up. Plus catch up with so many friends especially the trainers mentioned and my wrestler mates TDS Gus Harlacher and Supreme Lee Great who came to Perth in 2007 and whoever remains from back in “my day”.

Another place that our guys will be honoured to train at runs out of the ECW Arena now dubbed the New Alhambra Arena on Ritner Street in South Philly. Returning to that Arena alone will be an experience for the boys, but for me, I’m just happy to be back. The NHPW boys will be lucky to train with some of the Combat Zone Wrestling roster run by DJ Hyde, Sabian and a few others. This is where I am hoping to see a guy who visited NHPW in Perth… The New Age Punisher - B Boy. I am so looking forward to catching up with B Boy when we get there. Even just to hang because he has an infectious good time feeling that he can’t help but pass around to all who surround him. Also noting that one of our special guests for Battle of Honour, will also be there to help train as well.

Photo: 4th Letter

For this group we will also be training with another of the premier pro wrestling schools in the world. I am thankful for the invite and even more thankful for those on the tour to learn from a guy I have talked about in the past here in WPW. For guys like Percy T and Tama Williams to learn from “Lightning” Mike Quackenbush and his crew from CHIKARA this will be something special. I am so thankful that Quack is a good friend and allowing my guys to train with his crew. I am looking forward to running into guys like Rorshack, Jigsaw, Shane Storm, Team Fist and especially the trainers Claudio Castagnoli and Sara Del Rey. They are all exceptional wrestlers and training wise this looks like an Indy wrestler’s wet dream, and will be, so I know that the Australian visitors will digest all the feast of information they can.

So training with CHIKARA who has had so many great workers like Chris Hero, Delirious, Allison Danger, Milano AT, Manami Toyota, Daisey Hayes and so many more is awesome for the guys. To back it up with some of the CZW training experience where guys that has to make them psyched.

To also add to this training with my school, The Wild Samoan Training Centre - which produced Pro Wrestling Icons - Rikishi, The Rock, Batista, Yokozuna, Billy Kidman, Chris Kanyon, The Headshrinkers and so many more. Cannonball, Percy T, Tama and Kabel will go over one type of worker and is my hope they take another step up on the ladder of development in their young wrestling careers. I am truly excited at this prospect. This will also present them with a good foundation of contacts should they decide to further enhance there styles in America in a more long term basis. This is also my hope to surround them with good people that I know so I do not need to be there in the future. This will be an excellent tour for them… no doubt.

Photo: ShaunSean Promotions

Along with this we will also be on shows with one of the most talented women wrestlers in Australia and our NHPW ranks. Returning to America is "The Rate Tank" Kellie Skater. Kellie is one of the most talented Wrestlers in general that I have come across. She has trained with CHIKARA as well as many others I truly believe this girl has the talent as well as Jessie McKay to crack it in America. I have said this before but I actually can’t wait to see the "Rate Tank" or Jessie McKay for that matter in there element running amuck in America in matches.

As representatives of Australia and NHPW - we will also be helping to open our associate company in Philly / New Jersey area. When we first started New Horizon Pro Wrestling it was based on a new start, a fresh mindset and a time of change for me personally in Pro Wrestling. One of my friends has had a problem with his home fed which he has been loyal too for many years. He has also come to the realisation that a lot of people over the years that he was surrounded by also have their arguments with their training centre. So much like the original concept of New Horizon Pro Wrestling, someone I consider a wrestling brother has established his company - New Moon Rising Wrestling (NMRW) in the same vein. In April we will be the first internationals to appear for this company and also be working with them in hopes for the future.

The goal of this tour is to help develop these workers, learn new training techniques, get more experience in the ring with some of the best Independent Workers in the world and give them a great network of friends for the future. They can live the life of pro wrestling 24/7 and know the commitment that pro wrestlers in America have for their love of this sport. Feel the difference between what they perceive as a hobby here in Australia to a way of life in America. How to act around idols they may not have ever thought they would have the chance to be in a locker room with or even perform on the same card as. For me my goals are a bit more selfish - I am looking forward to the gleam in their eye learning things, being absolutely wrecked from training and throwing up, being lost and finding out the correct way to either fill in or listen to get out. All this and the fact I really cannot wait to have some Churches Chicken, a Tony Lukes Philly Cheesesteak, Old Country Buffet and All you can eat Chinese again - “God Bless America”. Let’s face it I am a fat bastard and I mark out for easier things these days J lmao.

Take care and hope to see some of you at Battle of Honour in our new home of the Croatian Club in North Fremantle Friday the 11th of Feb 2011 - with ROH superstars Delirious, “The Notorious 187” Homicide and returning to Perth WA “The Second City Saint” Colt Cabana.

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