Saturday, February 26, 2011

EPW: Goldrush 4 results and notes

- Team Allstar (Sebastian Sander & "The Don" Michael Morleone) def. EPW Tag Team Champions, Jonathan Wimbledon & Chris Vice to become the new champions
A dispute over the belts at ringside between Johnny, Brad and the referee caused a significant distraction allowing Sander to catch Vice off guard and hit him with the jack hammer to get the win ending Wimbledon and Vice's 231 day reign as champions. This is Sander's first championship in EPW and Morleone's second time as a Tag Team Champion, after being a co-holder of the titles as part of The European Union in 2006.

A confrontation took place between Storm and Pitt after Mean Dean Olsen tried to get Marcius' comments about things he had said earlier in the week which gave many the impression that Marcius did not care about EPW, only about furthering his own career.

- Jay Taylor def. Brett Foxx

Taylor got a measure of revenge on Foxx who had pinned him at Re-Awakening 9 to win the eight man tag match for Team McGavin.

- The Blackest Hour (Adrian Priest & Dorian) def. Gavin McGavin & Ryan Dangerfield

Devlin Reeves announced his retirement and Rick Sanders ordered fellow Hour member, Richter to take Reeves out. Richter refused and Sanders fired the former EPW Champion from the faction.

- EPW Hardcore Champion, "Sho
tgun" Tyler Jacobs def. Alex Kingston to retain the title
Jacobs got the win after knocking Kingston out. The Hardcore Shield has been replaced with a new Hardcore Championship belt.

- AZ Vegara def. Jimmy Payne, Chase Griffin and "Hollywood" Kiel Steria to become #1 contender for the EPW Championship

Vegara got the win after Payne's arms caught Amber sending her off the apron. Jimmy went out to check on her, concerned for what he had done while AZ managed to get the pin on Chase who Jimmy had hit with the gore moments earlier.
Amber suffered a suspected broken nose. AZ will get his shot at Davis Storm's EPW Championship at the next event.

Leo Pratt came out complaining that he was not on the card and challenged members of the audience to a match. After arguing with members of the audience at ringside, Pratt returned to the ring where comments made by Lukey caused him to leave.

- EPW Champion, Davis Storm def. Marcius Pitt to retain the title
Storm retained with a roll-up on Pitt. An Angry Pitt went on to attack Storm before Jimmy Payne made the save, brawling with Marcius to the backstage area. With those two out of the way, AZ Vegara came from the crowd and hit a neckbreaker on Storm.

WPW would like to thank Dave Hills for his help.

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