Monday, March 21, 2011

SHWA iWrestle 3 results and notes

Elliot Forbes def. "Firefly" Felix Young
Before the match got underway, Ebenizah J. Klaus and his client Forbes, had some choice words for SHWA Commissioner, KJ Rollins, about his banning of Klaus at Collision Course. Young put up a valiant effort in his defeat against Forbes, at times looked like he had his first victory in the bag. Both men’s managers, “Flashy” Barry Hawkins and Klaus got involved, with Hawkins hitting a DDT on Klaus before turning into a clothesline by Forbes. Forbes finally got the win in 10:51 with the payroll.

"Mad" Mike Massive def. Avalanche

“Mad” Mike Massive was expecting a rematch with “Mr. Attitude” Aston Crude. Crude’s music hit and he was nowhere to be seen, when Avalanche emerged. Crude’s bodyguard proceeded to tell Massive, “Crude was too busy banging his wife.” Massive came away with some form of revenge when he hit the Black Hole Slam on Avalanche for the victory at 8:06.

Crimson Lightning def. Crazy Train
The battle of two SHWA favourites saw a competitive match with both men trying to one-up the other in the opening moments of the bout. Both men tried and failed to gain a victory when attempting to hit their finishing moves, before a series of pinning predicaments saw SHWA’s resident superhero, Lighting gain the surprise pinfall on Train at 9:22.

Jake Paragon def. The Wraith
This contest was another battle between two fan favourites. Paragon seemed to have something to prove after losing to the Wraith in two previous battles. Both men physically brutalised each other to the point of pure exhaustion before the Alpha Omega got his second wind and hit the lariat at 14:01 to gain his first victory over The Wraith.

SHWA Champion, Jarrad Slate def. Dan Steel
The first of two matches between Muscle Militia and Steel Kings members saw SHWA champion, Jarrad Slate successfully defend the title against the 2010 WPW Rookie of the Year, Dan Steel. Jimmy Jamal Jenkins attempted to help Steel on several occasions distracting referee, Liam, as Slate had Steel down for the count. The attempts were in vain as Slate applied the STF after a DAS BOOT! at 14:25 as Steel tapped out, giving the Muscle Militia victory in the first of two matches against the Steel Kings.

Jimmy Jamal Jenkins def. SHWA Golden Hardcore Shovel Champion, Pain
The main event held both men’s careers at stake, as the feud between the Muscle Militia and the Steel Kings had gotten to boiling point. Both men started brawling as soon as the bell rung, with Pain attacking Jenkins. The brawl proceeded to spill outside the ring, where a staple duel occurred. Both men bleeding after several staples had been uhhh... stapled into each man. Eventually, they ended up near the entrance way where Pain had left a big tractor tire, he had brought out with him. Pain beat Jimmy down and placed him inside the tire, proceeded to lift the tire up and ramming it into the ring apron with the tire bouncing off the ring. Pain looked to have the match all wrapped up after he had placed a table in the corner and hoisted Jenkins on his shoulders ready to put him through it, when seven or so heels hit the ring and proceeded to beat the living hell out of Pain, until the cavalry arrived. The faces including Pain’s stablemates Jarrad Slate and the Wraith, evened up the odds brawling throughout the Courtside Multisports Complex. Jenkins took advantage hitting the Krump Kutter on to a pile of thumbtacks at 16:49 to win the Golden Hardcore Shovel and end Pain’s career. All three Muscle Militia members were distraught after the match as the Steel Kings had finally got one up on them. Pain left the arena and SHWA to a standing ovation.

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