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The Mean Scene #11

Photo: Tez Himself

One half of the voices of Explosive Pro Wrestling, and the 2009 WPW Commentator of the Year, Mean Dean Olsen brings WPW all the latest on the EPW scene.

Welcome to The Mean Scene online, on the new awesome WPW website, now last month saw Explosive Pro Wrestling’s first show of the year Goldrush 4 and what a spectacular way to kick off the new year. The show had everything. A title change, a new number one contender crowned, a new title introduced and a number of surprises that I don’t think anyone saw coming.

Photo: Nerelle Hasluck

The show was kicked off with the EPW tag titles on the line and Team All Star showed that their dominance in the company won’t be stopping in 2011 by defeating Jonny Wimbledon and Chris Vice to become the new tag team champions. After a great 2010 the All Stars continued their winning ways, ending Vice and Wimbledon’s reign of terror. A great match and an amazing way to start off a big show where it’s all about the championships.

JT defeated Brett Foxx in the second match up of the evening. Goldrush 4 was also dubbed “old school vs. the new generation” and this was a display of that with Foxx pinning JT at RA9 and JT was out for revenge. It was a heated match up with Foxx showing a lot of guts and potential for bigger and better things in the future for EPW. He is defiantly one to keep your eyes on, but in the end JT got the win and got to rectify his loss.

In the next segment of the show Devlin Reeves came out and announced his retirement from wrestling. Devlin, who hasn’t been seen since the Riot Den match at Road to Glory 2, was then confronted by his former allies The Blackest Hour. Rick Sanders then told Reeves that he couldn’t just walk away and then told Richter to attack Devlin. Much to everyone’s surprise Richter refused to beat down his former team mate and walked out on the Blackest Hour, a total shock to us all, Richter has been the backbone of the group and now it seems Rick Sanders has some evil plans in store with the new incarnation of the Blackest Hour with Adrian Priest and Dorian, who then had a match against Gavin McGavin and Ryan Dangerfield. Both teams fought hard in this battle and showed that EPW has some of the best up and coming talent at the moment as these guys battled it out and left nothing behind. In the end the Blackest Hour were victorious but McGavin and Dangerfield showed a lot of heart and weren’t easily beaten.

Photo: Nerelle Hasluck

Next up, it was time to get hardcore as Tyler Jacobs was up against Alex Kingston in another match seeing the old school take on the new generation, it would also be an opportunity for Kingston to make a huge mark on EPW as a singles wrestler. Now at RA9 , Tyler Jacobs won the EPW Hardcore Shield (the bin lid) and Jacobs has claimed that shield was a joke, he told (and showed) former champ Chase Griffin that he is what hardcore is all about. To take a more serious approach to a hardcore title in EPW Jacob reviled a brand new EPW hardcore title belt, this new title belt looks fantastic and will replace the previous title. The match it self was over the top insanity with all sorts of weaponry. We saw shopping trolleys, a skateboard, trash cans and Tyler execute a massive Powerbomb on Kingston through our announce table. After much destruction it was Jacobs who got the win and retained his new title, showing everyone in EPW that it will not be easy if they want to hold that new belt.

Being Goldrush and it being all about the championships, it was only fitting to have a number one contenders match and this was a four way match involving AZ Vegara, Jimmy Payne, Chase Griffin and “Hollywood” Kiel Steria. It was a fast paced, hard hitting, action packed match, never a dull moment as all four competitors fought hard to get a future shot at the EPW championship. We saw everyone hit there finishers and some spectacular exchanges but in the end it was AZ Vegara who got the win and is now the new number one contender.

Photo: Nerelle Hasluck

Earlier in the night leading toward the main event, I held an in ring interview with Marcius Pitt to address some of the things he said online. He spoke of wanting to win the title to raise his profile overseas and make a bigger name for himself. Before we got our full answers from Pitt, EPW champion Davis Storm came to the ring and told Pitt he was sick of seeing people disrespect the EPW title and wouldn’t let the “Golden Greek” use the EPW title as a stepping stone. Then I swiftly made my way out of the ring as the two competitors started beat the hell out of each other.

Then the time came for the main event at the end of the night and tension was at fever pitch between Storm and Pitt, tempers were flaring and both men were ready for war. Having recently found out about Pitt’s hidden agenda, Storm seemed to be hitting harder and putting all he had into this match up. Marcius on the other hand seemed to be more calculated with his offence, picking his moments to strike and even taking the low road on occasions, something we aren’t used to seeing of Pitt these days. Pitt had fought so hard for the last couple years to finally get his shot at the EPW championship; it seemed he wanted it no matter what he had to do to get it. This certainly was a new side we saw of Pitt, but Storm was not going down without a fight. The match was top of the line, momentum changed from either side and it seemed it was anyone’s for the taking but in the end Storm got the victory and retained his title. As Storm was celebrating a well fought match AZ Vegara came out and attacked the champion to send him the message that he is next in line and ready to reach his goal of being EPW champion.

So April 10th at Morley Sports and Rec Centre it will be the first ever EPW Midday Mayhem, a Sunday afternoon show that you should all get down to, as we will see AZ Vegara go up against Davis Storm for the EPW championship. AZ has been very impressive lately and we will soon find out if the “New Sensation” will be the new champion, I want to see you all there. Until next time keep supporting local wrestling and stay tuned to

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