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The Lewd View #2: Viva La Revolution!

He's Lewd... He's Tattooed... He is Mr. Attitude! The newest member of the Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance roster, Aston Crude brings to you his Lewd View!

Crude here yet again with another Lewd View. Todays article is about the rise of three of the best young heels in not only SHWA; but WA's pro wrestling scene.

Photo: Jarod/SHWA

The Steel Kings. Dan Steel. Jimmy Jamal Jenkins. If nobody is going to put these guys over, then I may as well do it with my words! The WPW 2010 Rookie of the year Dan Steel is without a doubt my favorite SHWA wrestler to watch. With work that is tight as a nun's heavens gate, Dan is one of the smartest and naturally gifted wrestlers I have had the chance to witness and experience. With a crisp technical style meshed with fantastic brawling; he reminds me of Arn Anderson - and not just because of his devastating spinebuster. The revolution of SHWA is on it's way, and Steel is at the frontline.

This is a war
that's brewing between the establishment and the uprising Steel Kings; along with yours truly and the rejuvinated Avalanche. Dan is a good friend with a smart mind for wrestling. I'm a "mr know it all" type, and it takes someone special to be able to convince me of a good idea if I believe it isn't - and Dan achieves that when he has his heart set on an idea. Dan visualises where he wants to be, as he moves forward in pro wrestling. If I had a crystal ball, I would certainly expect to see a bright future for Dan Steel, as the present day standard in the Southern Hemisphere wrestling Alliance.

Come iWrestle 3 on March 19, Steel faces the seemingly unstoppable Jarrad Slate for the strap. I too, (as Dan said) am tired of Dan only being able to carry a chain - because he is a guy who can carry a much heavier load, made of gold. I am a strong supporter of Steel and believe he will be our next SHWA Heavyweight champion come March 19 because of his dedication to the cause and his undeniable pure ability. The standard will soon be the gold standard.

Photo: Amanda/SHWA

Next, you have Jimmy Jamal Jenkins. Jimmy knows how to stand out with his natural charisma and ability. He is such a character, and it translates well into his pro wrestling persona - which is how most people get over. You can be someone extremely talented like Dustin Rhodes, playing a character like Goldust. Or, you can be an extension of who you really are as a person, like The Rock or Steve Austin.

That's the category I see people like myself and Jimmy in. Strong personalities go a long way in wrestling if you figure out how to use who you are and amplify it. Jimmy turns the volume right up. His unorthodox wrestling style makes him stand out, and it makes his matches an interesting story to be told. You see him implement offense that you would use in a legit street fight, which is a very smart and natural thing that Jimmy has figured out. He's a talker, and he is certainly one of a kind on the microphone. Although sometimes he's talking so much trash you need subtitles, because his trash talking could make the city dump weep!

I for one hope the Steel Kings get to shake up SHWA in a way that's never been seen before, not only because they deserve it, but because they have what it takes to sell tickets. They have what it takes to make people come to shows time and time again to see somebody try take them out. The revolution of SHWA is in safe hands when a character like Jimmy Jamal Jenkins is going nowhere but upward.

Photo: Amanda/SHWA

Then lastly, there's me. If you don't put yourself over, then who's going to buy into what you're trying to sell? I have a little way to go to have a crisp in ring ability like Steel, but I am a natural performer and truly believe that I have a sharp wrestling mind. If you watch it, hear it, think about it everyday - from DVD'S, to documentaries, to shoot interviews, to reading books and obsessing over each and every intricate detail of the mechanics of wrestling, I don't see where I'm going to go wrong. It's a recipe for victory, and I'm the head chef. What an awesome analogy.

I truly love the art of pro wrestling and the act of being a heel. I love seeing people of all backgrounds, colours, creeds, ages, genders rip into me through their variety of dental work - from the pretty woman with great teeth, to the young kid with his mix of baby and adult teeth, to the 45 year old man with three bourbon stained teeth barking his displeasure at me - that is the pay off. I love to piss people off through this character, and whether people like it or not, the Steel Kings and Aston Crude are the best thing going today. Sure, we have a few things here or there to work on, but we're still learning, still evolving, and still rising like a revolution.

K.R.I's Picks of the Month:
DVD to watch: The Big Show: A Giant's World

Event to watch: WCW Slamboree 1996
Match to watch: May 19, 1997 - WCW Nitro - Ric Flair vs. Syxx
Favourite recent moment: The Rock returns to WWE RAW
Most disliked recent moment: The predictability of WWE Elimination Chamber.

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