Thursday, March 17, 2011

The San Count #10

Ichi! Ni! San! WPW’s resident puro referee, Toshio, counts down his top san moments, matches and events on a bi-monthly basis.

Yes, is it that time again for my bi-monthly addition to Westside Pro Wrestling, this is the San Count! It's a brand new year as all the wrestling promotions of Western Australia have kicked off their year with a bang. In this edition of The San Count, I'll be discussing the top prospects for 2011 in the EPW, NHPW and SHWA companies respectively. Although the year has just began, many men have shown promise to make 2011 their biggest year yet. Kicking it off with...

Photo: Explosive Pro Wrestling

ICHI - Marcius Pitt (EPW)
From being a mid-card wrestler for the majority of his time in EPW, to winning the invitational tournament, and then to main eventing the first main EPW show of the year for the title, Marcius Pitt has risen faster than most. We all knew Marcius Pitt would make it to the top one day, but what we didn't know was how he'd go about doing it. To the surprise of many, Marcius Pitt outlasted wrestlers like Chris Vice, Elliot Sexton, Kiel Steria and Carlo Cannon to earn himself the prestigious EPW Invitational Tournament trophy, which guarantees a shot at the EPW Championship. The challenge was set for Pitt at Goldrush 4, against Davis Storm in the main event. In the days leading to the match, Pitt made comments which many saw as disrepect towards EPW and the championship, making it seem like the title was only a stepping stone for Pitt to wrestle overseas in bigger promotions. Although he lost the match, his new found attitude and escalation to the main event will take Marcius Pitt a long way in 2011 in Explosive Pro Wrestling.

Photo: ShaunSean Promotions

NI - Rhys Youngblood (NHPW)
Having only wrestled one match in NHPW, Youngblood made a huge impression in doing so. Coming off from a run in WWE's developemental territory Florida Championship Wrestling as Rhys Ali, Youngblood returned to his hometown in Perth in a match against Robbie Barnes (AWF) and Colt Cabana (ROH), accompanied by Mikki Murdoch (QLD). In what was an upset, Youngblood scored the victory over Cabana, which is a huge feat for any wrestler. The future of Youngblood in NHPW is unknown, but along with other wrestlers such as Tama Williams, he has a bright future which can take him to many places.

Photo: SHWA

SAN - Aston Crude
"Mr. Attitude" Aston Crude has only been wrestling for four months, but in this time he has opened many eyes to the fact that he has never been pinned in a SHWA ring. He is very outspoken, as he always has something to say at the live shows, as well as on his own internet show, "Total Attitude" where he mocks every opponent he has ever faced. His rise has been evident since he debuted, as he has already targetted bigger opponents in SHWA, namely "Mad" Mike Massive, who gave Crude his first loss (by disqualification, due to Crude using chloroform to topple the former SHWA Champion). Many wrestlers desperately want to shut Crude up, but with "Mr. Attitude" now recruiting Avalanche as his bodyguard or "insurance policy", this becomes something even more difficult to accomplish. It is very clear that SHWA has a lot in store for Crude, and vice versa, as he continues his dominance throughout the company.

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