Thursday, August 4, 2011

WPW Press: West Aussie Invasion


The weekend of July 23 saw a West Aussie invasion of South Australia and Queensland as talent from
New Horizon Pro Wrestling (NHPW) and the Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance (SHWA) crossed borders.

NHPW’s Kabel fresh off his dominant performances at Reload took on Puro Loco at High Risk Pro Wrestling’s (HRPW) second last ever event “Winter Warfare” gaining the victory. Kabel told WPW “The crowd was good, a good size and reacted like most crowds. Just that initial "holy s**t" kinda thing when I walk out, then they pop like usual for all my big moves. It was a squash match so it was quick. The fans didn’t like what I did to one of their favorites in Puro Loco. But they all walked away with my name in their collective minds.”

SHWA’s “Mad” Mike Massive and Ebenizah J. Klaus appeared at Pro Wrestling Ignition’s (PWI) Carpe Diem, with Massive losing to Victoria’s Alexi Papadopoulos. Following his return to Perth, Massive told WPW “My match with Alexi would have to be one of the most enjoyable matches I have had in my short wrestling career. Everything went to plan quite nicely. He is a great guy to work with. As far as the crowd goes, 100 plus very loud, vocal and feral South Australians (laughs). They hated me! A very enjoyable night and I can’t wait for the next interstate trip.”

NHPW and SHWA competitor, adopted West Aussie, the Warship defeated
Queensland’s Mason Childs to become the first ever PROWL Heavyweight Champion at “Night of Revolution”. WPW asked the Ship what it was like winning his first ever title. “Show was the best yet, a much larger crowd than normal, PROWL is hopefully on the rise now. The match with Mason (Childs) was very good, energetic. The crowd really loved him and really hated me. Things worked out and yeah, it’s really cool. Holding the PROWL championship means that I’m the face of the company, I'm a representation of the company as a whole, and that the company has faith in me as a pro wrestler. It’s good to get recognition.”

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