Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The San Count #12

Ichi! Ni! San! WPW’s resident puro referee, Toshio, counts down his top san moments, matches and events on a bi-monthly basis.

This edition of "The San Count" will focus on the three biggest highlights of this weekends SHWA show, Running Wild!

EPW Debuts:
One of the highlights of Running Wild, and for many shows to come, is the debuts of several EPW wrestlers. Midyear Mayhem saw the SHWA debut of TMDK (Shane Haste and Mikey Nicholls), and August 6 will see four more making their way to the SHWA ring. These being: the "Real Life Risky Business" Leo Pratt, Hayden Zenith, "White Flash" Ryan Dangerfield and "Gorgeous" Garry Schmidt.

Zenith and Pratt have formed a tag team named "$EXY BUSINES$" and will be competing in a gauntlet match for the SHWA Tag Team Championship trophies. Dangerfield will be going one-on-one with Elliot Forbes (w/ Ebenizah J. Klaus). And after interupting the post-show signings at Midyear Mayhem, Schmidt will be facing a former SHWA Champion, in "Mad" Mike Massive. These three matches will be very competitive, which asks the question how many of these debuting wrestlers will claim victory in their SHWA debut?

Photo: Amanda/Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance

Tag Team titles:
As mentioned above SHWA is crowning the first ever tag team champions! The trophies will be awarded to the winners of a 5-team gauntlet match. Thes teams are $EXY BUSINES$ (Leo Pratt and Hayden Zenith), The Steel Kings (Dan Steel and Jimmy Jamal Jenkins), two Muscle Militia teams, plus The Giant Kyote and Jake Paragon.

The way a gauntlet match works is two teams begin, once a team is eliminated (by either pinfall, submission, count out or disqualification) another team will enter. The final team left standing will be declared the winners, and the first ever holders of the SHWA Tag Team Championship trophies!

The biggest factor for all five teams is the entry in the gauntlet, as the higher the entry the more chance the team has of winning. There is no guarantee on the placement of the teams, but we can guarantee that after Saturday night there will new SHWA Tag Team Champions!

Screen Capture: Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance


Everything else in between: Another debut at the event is a man who's come all the way from Victoria to Western Australia, and is the current PROWL Champion, that being The Warship. He will be facing the underdog of SHWA, "Firefly" Felix Young. With size, strength and experience all in Warship's favour, will Young be able to pull off a huge upset? Check out the introduction of Warship to SHWA here:

Also on the card is a match pitting two of the most unorthordox characters in SHWA, those being Sven Zoltanhassen and El Jim Bob, plus much more! Midyear Mayhem was one of our biggest and best shows, and the momentum will carry onto this weekend's Running Wild!

SHWA Running Wild takes place this Saturday, August 6th at 7pm. It will be held at the Swan Park Leisure Centre on Gray Drive in Midvale (Midland area).

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