Friday, June 17, 2011

Spotlight: June 2011 - "Gorgeous" Garry Schmidt (EPW)

WHAMMY! One half of the Brothers Schmidt and the 2010 EPW Rising Star Cup winner, "Gorgeous" Garry Schmidt has been on the scene now for five years. Trained by Lance Storm at the Storm Wrestling Academy in Calgery, Alberta, Canada, Schmidt recently made his US wrestling debut for Mach One Wrestling in California.

Photo: Explosive Pro Wrestling

Height: 6' (182 cm)

Weight: 209 lbs (94 kgs)
Hometown: Aisle of Perfection

March 4, 2006

Trained by:
Lance Storm, Davis Storm

Finishing Moves:
Drop Dead Gorgeous

Entrance Theme: Gato Barberi - Theme from Firepower
Favourite Matches:

vs. Alex Kingston vs. Gavin McGavin - Rising Star Cup Final. WA vs. VIC (September 12, 2009)
This was sort of the start of me and McGavin's one on one battles and for a long time this was my favourite match I've ever had. Kingston certainly has a great mind to putting a good match together and considering we both started wrestling at the same time but never wrestled each other, it was a cool thing for it to finally happen and hey there was some great chemistry there. In this match we even had "Gorgeous", "Kingston" dueling chants which is different to hear cause you have a face and a heel but to get such a reaction was just a great moment and enstilled a greater confidence in my ability to perform.

The Schmidts vs. TMDK (non-title match). EPW at the Malaga Markets (January 16, 2010)
This match to be honest I was Schmidting bricks backstage (laughs, get it). Not to sound like I'm sucking up or anything but when you get in the ring with Mikey Nicholls and Shane Haste, you need to bring it and keep up. In this match I kinda felt like it was a do-or die situation for as far as im concerned we needed to have one of those tag matches where you can look back and see us perform at our best. In this case it takes 4 to tango and those guys in my opinion are top class. They brought it hard but things also were so easy. Things clicked. We isolated a team member well, we created some good "moments" in the match which made the crowd want to see us cleaned up more. To hear those guys praise us genuinely for the match and to hear that this was the best tag match the Schmidts have ever had was a great moment and feeling.

vs. Gavin McGavin. Midday Mayhem (April 10, 2011)
My feeling about this was, we have had so many matches in the past and in my opinion we were constantly getting better and better. This match admittably I feel we added a bit too much to put it together but either way, I was proud of it. We showed the crowd that we know each others moves and this showed with the counter exchanges, we stepped it up with the emotion here and there and creatively we wanted an ending to the match that said "Garry Schmidt... you're cheating has finally caught up with you... you were caught in your own trap"... something like that. It was definatley great to end it on that note and to also have a certain respected member of Staff comment on this being our best match was a great little cherry on top.

Worked for: Explosive Pro Wrestling, Mach One Wrestling
Career Achievements:
EPW Rookie of the Year (2009); EPW Rising Star Cup winner (2010)

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