Friday, June 17, 2011

The Mean Scene #14

Photo: Tez Himself

One half of the voices of Explosive Pro Wrestling, and the two time WPW Commentator of the Year, Mean Dean Olsen brings WPW all the latest on the EPW scene.

The Mean Scene is back and this month I’m not going to do my usual run down of the previous show, I want to take a look at the situation surrounding two of the championships in Explosive Pro Wrestling. The EPW championship and EPW Tag Team titles have had a lot competition as of late and things don’t look like they will slow down anytime soon, if anything the title pictures in EPW are appearing to be competitive as they have been in a long time.

Now it’s no secret, as I have written here before, I am a huge fan of tag team wrestling and in particular EPW’s tag team division. I have written previously of how tight the competition in the tag division has been, but it seems in 2011 it has gotten even better, with the possiblity of some spectacular matchups in the near future.

Photo: Nerelle Hasluck

At Evolution 2011, AZ Vegara and JT finally recognised there dreams of winning the EPW Tag Team Championships. Both men have tagged together in the past and have been a good solid tag team, but now with more experience and determination have managed to get there first taste of EPW gold. After dethroning Team Allstar, AZ and JT are looking at having the hard task of holding onto those belts. With Amber having Brett Corvus wrapped around her finger it seams the champs do have an advantage, but as we saw with the tag team battle royal at Midday Mayhem 2, there are a lot of teams that have eyes on the gold too.

TMDK, Team Allstar, Banks and Foxx, Vice and Wimbledon, The Entourage and the Blackest Hour are all going to be watching closely in August at Hell or Highwater to see who will be victorious in the tag team championship match. AZ and JT may have more than they bargained for when they have to put there titles on the line against the newly reformed team of Chase Griffin and Dan Moore. The new number one contenders make for an interesting competition for the champions since they have been seperated as a duo for quite some time now and still are definitely not on the same page with Dan Moore dubbing himself "The Future" and sky rocketing his own ego to mammoth heights. On the other hand Chase Griffin has had success in singles competition being a champion in the hardcore division and having one of the most exciting feuds of the last year against Tyler Jacobs. While we have not heard the reasons behind this new reunion, one thing we do know is that they pose a major threat to AZ and JT’s title reign. Griffin and Moore are former tag team champions and were one of the most dominant tag teams in EPW when they were a team, I’m sure no one who witnessed the feud they had with Blitz Team will ever forget it.

Photo: Nerelle Hasluck

Hell or Highwater will be an interesting one to watch as the question will be asked leading up to it as to if Chase and Dan can still function as a team and put their past problems behind them to once again be the dominant force they were before. You must also ask if AZ and JT can keep bending the rules and use there cunning tactics to out smart the challengers. I may have pointed out how they current tag champs use all the dirty tricks in the book to win and have got there valet Amber to work her powers of persuasion with Brett Corvus, but that is not to sell them short AZ and JT are fantastic wrestlers in there own right.

It was only at Midday Mayhem 1 that we saw AZ come so very close to defeating EPW champion Davis Storm in a thrilling match, that I’m sure opened a lot peoples eyes to just how good and solid a wrestler he is. Last year we saw JT in a main event match for the EPW championship against the then champion Jamie Jurah. In that match JT was in great form, took it to Jurah and came ever so close becoming the new EPW champion. Matches like these in singles competition, as well as the matches they have had in the past show that winning the tag titles was no fluke for AZ and JT, although they like to cut every corner they can, they still have all the credentials of a solid and worthy championship team.

So it’s all going to go down on August 13 at EPW’s 10th annual Hell or Highwater to be held at the Vasto Club in Balcatta. The tag team championships will be on the line in a match that guarantees to be a thriller. Can AZ and JT combine there skills with there cunning ability to break the rules and constantly outsmarting there opponents or will we see the team of Chase Griffin and Dan Moore return to the glory days of old and get the tag team gold around there waist as it has been in the past. Many questions will be answered and I want to see you all there to see how this one plays out, one thing is for sure, it’s an event not to be missed.

Next month I will take a look at the EPW championship picture which at the moment is red hot. Hell or Highwater is building up and you don’t want to miss this one. Well that’s the Mean Scene for this month, until next time keep supporting local wrestling and stay tuned to

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