Monday, June 13, 2011

The Lewd View #3 - 'Mad' Mike Massive

He's Lewd... He's Tattooed... He is Mr. Attitude! Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance's, Aston Crude brings to you his Lewd View!

Hey everyone and welcome to the latest edition of the Lewd View. Sorry it's been a while, but I didn't want to write another article by forcing it. Today's article is about my ongoing feud with "Mad" Mike Massive, and some other tidbits.

When I first joined the Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance, after viewing a few shows, I realised that Mad Mike Massive has something special. He has a charisma, and a look that you can't look past (literally). He's passionate about the sport of professional wrestling, and his natural ability to draw the fans in to anything and everything he does is remarkable. You can't teach that. You either have the X factor that is needed, or you don't. I knew going in to the Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance that Mad Mike Massive would be the perfect person to bounce off, and that's not another bad pun.

Photo: Amanda/ Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance
The ultimate good guy. The man that stands for the working class Australian man. The man that stands for what is all right with pro wrestling - Mike Massive. In the other corner, the brash, cocky, arrogant son of a bitch Aston Crude. It's a combination that has been a classic combination since wrestling began. Good vs. Evil. Aston Crude gives up nearly 100lbs on Mike Massive, so what is it that yours truly, has to do? Find a weakness. Find a way to expose that weakness. If it isn't a physical way of doing it, it's a mental way of doing it. Making somebody as physically imposing as Mike Massive, making him show his insecurities in ways that have never been exposed before. This story has not just been a story to get to know what Mr Attitude is all about, it's also about seeing Mike Massive in a different light, which is developing his character and telling the story of this character in a way that's never been done before. I'm proud of what we have achieved so far, but also wish people could have witnessed a lot of whats happened. Going into Midyear Mayhem, the storyline of the year, the feud of the year, will reach its climax. I'm hoping to edit together a great video package for everyone to view online at, highlighting said feud, as obviously most of the feud has not been exposed to all the fans out there.

Obviously I also wanted to make further comments on the business relationship between SHWA and EPW. I think it's great for both parties and eventually it will be fantastic for all the Perth Wrestling fans out there. So in other words, I agree with most people on the subject which kind of makes me saying it pointless, because nothing has been achieved by repeating what's already been said. Yep.

Another thing I wanted to touch on before I end this article today is wrestling fans in Perth still having no clue that EPW or SHWA exist. Doesn't that seem insane to you all? That I can be like "Oh I wrestle for SHWA" and the c***head im talking to is like "Errm, whats SHWA? :S" and I retort by saying "Well maybe you know of EPW?".. which is usually responded with that confused dumbass look people give you when they have no clue what you're talking about, when they should. Yeah. I've noticed that a lot, talking to wrestling fans. "Oh I had no idea they did that kind of thing in Perth." Why don't you look out your f*****g window?

Basically what I'm trying to say is that it surprises me that some fans either don't know about the local product, or actually refuse to acknowledge the local product as the "real deal". Newsflash yo, what the local product is putting out is way more entertaining than seeing whatever New York or "Impact Wrestling" are doing. You know Impact Wrestling just did the same rating they pulled in June of 2006? Nothing has changed. They have gone no where. WWE isn't so bad, but gosh their show bores me now. I can't stand it, so I turn to the local product to give me what I need. Real pro wrestling. People need to understand that your wrasslin' thirst can be quenched by giving EPW and SHWA a watch. We can supply whats lacking on your televisions every week. That's at least what I hope we all achieve. My character may be "righting the wrongs in professional wrestling", by going after Mike Massive, but in reality, the same principles are in place. I, along with every other WA wrestler, are righting the wrongs in professional wrestling by doing it the way we want to do it, and creating history and a legacy that people can be proud of. I think WWE and "Impact Wrestling" have become the wrong. The establishment. And we're all the fooken Sex Pistols.

Support your local product!

K.R.I's Picks of the Month:
DVD to watch: The Best of WCW Monday Nitro
Event to watch: Wrestlemania XVII
Match to watch: 22/09/1996 - In Your House: Mind Games - Shawn Michaels Vs Mankind
Favourite recent moment: Miz losing the championship
Most disliked recent moment: John Cena winning the championship

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