Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The San Count #11

Ichi! Ni! San! WPW’s resident puro referee, Toshio, counts down his top san moments, matches and events on a bi-monthly basis.

It's that time once again for The San Count, with Toshio. In my previous article I discussed the top three individuals who are rising to the top of their respective promotion. As for this week, I will revisit something I've talked about before; tag teams in WA wrestling. It's been six months, or half a year, since the 2010 tag team of the year was determined, with the winners being TMDK (Shane Haste and Mikey Nicholls). Those two men certainly have been making even more of a name for themselves as of late, just returning from a tour of Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan. Right now I'll be counting down the top three tag teams in the EPW, SHWA and NHPW promotions respectively. Kicking it off with...

Photo: Explosive Pro Wrestling

For Explosive Pro Wrestling, this one was hard to decide to the extensive tag team division they have. But the deciding factor came down to the fact these two men are currently the EPW Tag Team Champions, Sebastian Sander and 'The Don' Michael Morleone, collectively known as Team Allstar. Managed by 'The Allstar' Brad West and 'Big' Vin Penhero, Team Allstar has been on the hunt for the titles for a while to no avail. During a very heated and brutal feud with The Blackest Hour which lasted for over eight months, Team Allstar managed to defeat the dark stable in WA's first ever Riot Den match at Road to Glory in September 2010. It was from here Team Allstar could move onto the bigger picture, that being the EPW Tag Team Championship. Once they ended the dominant reign of Chris Vice and Jonathon Wimbledon at Goldrush 4 in February of this year, Team Allstar had finally claimed the gold. It has been a very successful few months for Team Allstar, and having retained the titles over the former champions in a tables match last month, they don't seem be losing any momentum anytime soon. Team Allstar defend the EPW Tag Team Championship against 'JT' Jay Taylor and AZ Vegara at (the 10th annual) Evolution this Saturday night, May 14th at the Vasto Club in Balcatta.

Photo: SHWA/Amanda

If you had asked me which tag team in SHWA was the best before iWrestle 3.0, I would have without hesitation told you The Wraith and Pain (The Muscle Militia). But it was on March 19th that the career of the pillar of strength known as Pain was ended. This came about thanks to the underhanded tactics of Dan Steel and Jimmy Jamal Jenkins, who are otherwise known as The Steel Kings. Dan Steel and Jimmy Jamal Jenkins didn't have a great amount of success while they were fighting by themselves, but it was until they came together as one when they began to excel. Forming in November, they've had the attitude of 'doing whatever they want, when they want' by basically picking fights with most of the roster. As mentioned, their biggest claim to fame came by ending the career of Pain, and at the same time, making 'The King of Krump' Jimmy Jamal Jenkins the new Golden Hardcore Shovel Champion. They've already got one title, but they won't stop until they claim it all. See The Steel Kings do battle at SHWA's next show; Sunday May 22nd at the Swan Park Leisure Centre in Midvale (Midland).

Photo: ShaunSean Promotions

The NHPW Tag Team of the Year 2010, Apocalypse haven't teamed for quite some time, which leaves Percy T and Spaceboy Dacey as the top tag team in NHPW. Spaceboy Dacey comes from the AWF (Australasian Wrestling Federation) promotion in Sydney, and has made trips over to Perth to preform for NHPW. Percy T. is a native here in Perth, and has been wrestling for the past five years. He has wrestled stars such as Colt Cabana and Homicide, and took part in CHIKARA's annual King of Trios tournament last month. In November at The Final Chapter, these two men together as the Phenomenal Dominators. In their debut match, they defeated Cruz (from the IPW promotion in QLD) and Benjie the Clown (from the HRPW promotion in SA). It is unknown when this unique tandem will compete again, but there is a possibility it is at one of NHPW's upcoming events. Although no dates/names have been specified, the month of June 2011 has been designated for an upcoming show.

Well that concludes The San Count with Toshio for this time, and I hope to see you at any of these upcoming events.

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