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The Mean Scene #13

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One half of the voices of Explosive Pro Wrestling, and the two time WPW Commentator of the Year, Mean Dean Olsen brings WPW all the latest on the EPW scene.

Welcome to the Mean Scene, this month we take a look at Evolution 2011, Explosive Pro Wrestling in it’s 10th year has been putting on some amazing shows and this one was no different. It was yet another historic night for EPW with many big matches that will have big repercussions in the future.

The night started off with a six man number 1 contender's match for the EPW championship, before the match even started Bobby Marshall was ejected from the match up due to being in ‘no condition’ to perform, a perplexing situation and rather strange of Bobby but it was the right choice and in his place Johnny Wimbledon was put in. The match also had Carlo Cannon, Dan Moore, Chris Vice, Jimmy Payne and also returning from his fantastic stint in Japan Mikey Nicholls. This match was a high octane fast paced bout with action all over the place and in the end it came down to Cannon and Mikey. After some great exchanges, it was Carlo Cannon who got the victory and now is the new number 1 contender for the EPW championship.

'Hollywood' Kiel Steria was up next in the match against Alex Kingston that he issued the challenge for at Midday Mayhem. The 'Innovator of Radness' had the odds against him with Steria’s entourage on the outside trying to give him the advantage at every turn. Kingston, as tenacious as he is, never gave up and defied those odds by going Coast to Coast and defeating Hollywood, much to the dismay of the Entourage. The future of Alex Kingston in EPW is looking very bright, be sure to keep an eye on this one folks.

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Time for some tag team action next as some of the new generation of EPW were on show as the new tag team of Adam Banks and Brett Foxx went up against Hayden Zenith from the Entourage and a new international acquisition to EPW, the 'Bolly Boy’ Eddy Bombay. Now if Bombay and Zenith were victorious, the Bolly Boy would get to join the ranks of the Entourage. When the match began, it was all Banks and Foxx. This new team showed athleticism and great tag team chemistry, where as Eddy Bombay never entered the match as he was too busy parading to fans at ring side. Foxx and Banks made short work of Zenith and won the match and in the process impressing many in the crowd at the Vasto Club.

The celebration was cut short as the Blackest Hour made their entrance and started to beat down the winners. Rick Sanders then issued an open challenge to anyone back stage to face the big man Dorian. The challenge was accepted by Gavin McGavin, who has been told by Brett Corvus if he can string together five consecutive wins, he can get a title shot in the future. The 'Shootfighter' came out head strong and ready to battle, not backing down to the big man. Dorian eventualy got a hold of McGavin and things did not look good, but then Richter made a surprise appearance and whilst Dorian was distracted Gavin rolled him up and got the win. Just four more wins to go now for the 'Shootfighter.'

The first title match of the night was next as 'Shotgun’ Tyler Jacobs defended his EPW Hardcore title against Chase Griffin in a Chain Match. With the two competitors bound together by a chain, this match was was tough to begin with. Both men battled it out and used many weapons along the way, guard rails, chairs and panels of wood all got used as both men were busted open and bleeding heavily. After putting up a great fight and showing a lot of heart Chase was defeated by Jacobs with a lariat wrapped in chain and after the match Tyler looked upon Chase as if he may have proven to Jacobs that he does have what it takes to be hardcore.

Photo: Nerelle Hasluck

After the half time break, we had the Tag Team title match between Team Allstar, Sebastian Sander and The Don defending against the new ‘Taylor Made Diamonds’, AZ Vegara and Jay Taylor, along side the lovely Amber. Before the match started Amber gave the ref a note from Brett Corvus banning Brad West and Vin Penhero from ringside. As soon as the bell rang AZ and JT were all business cutting all the corners they could and focusing all their work on the Don, isolating him. Keeping Sander out of the match was a smart plan but when he hit the ring, it was chaos, he was a man possessed. In the end though it was AZ and JT who managed to get the better of the Allstars and we saw new tag team champions crowned. It is the first time either man has won EPW gold and will be interesting to see how things go in the red hot tag team division after this.

Jamie Jurah next was in a match with ‘Gorgeous’ Garry Schmidt, After destroying Barry last month Jurah did much of the same to his brother at Evolution. When the match was over with and Garry was in a bad way Jamie got on the mic again declaring he should be the EPW champion and even called out Jimmy Payne. In an interesting turn of events, he offered the Schmidts a chance to be part of “Team Jurah”, which Barry accepted, much to Garry's dismay. It will be interesting to see what happens next for Jamie and ‘Team Jurah’.

Photo: Nerelle Hasluck

The Last Man Standing EPW championship match was next with Marcius Pitt defending his newly won title against Davis Storm. Now the word ‘epic’ is thrown around way too much these days (especially on the internet) but that is exactly what this match was, epic. As soon as Pitt walked out, Storm attacked wasting no time at all. The two brawled all around the Vasto Club, hurling each other into walls, bashing each other with chairs, slamming each other onto the hard concrete floor, it was devastation.

When things got back to ring side the carnage continued with Pitt hitting Storm with a belly to belly overhead suplex on the floor. Storm seemed to be concussed and on the verge of defeat. The 'Golden Greek' even went as far to detach the top ring rope and start choking out the 'Ironman.' We all thought this was it, but like we had seen so many times, Storm fought back and ended up nailing a Rolling Storm and kept Pitt down for the 10 count. The 'Ironman' had won back his EPW Championship and the crowd loved it.

Before Storm could have time to celebrate Carlo Cannon came out and got in his face. During this heated exchange Mikey Nicholls came out and Mikey kicked Cannon, then he got in the face of Storm as well. One thing is for sure, you can not afford to miss any of the up coming EPW shows, with all the possibilities on the horizon you never know whats going to happen next in Explosive Pro Wrestling.

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