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Mötley Crüde: An interview with SHWA's Aston Crude

The self proclaim Lewd, Tattooed, Mr. Attitude, Aston Crude has made a splash on the SHWA scene since making his debut in November. Crude is making his presence known not only to fellow SHWA competitors, but to the WA wrestling scene through his YouTube show, Total Attitude and his column for this here website, The Lewd View. Tez got the opportunity to speak to Crude following SHWARMAGEDDON.

Photo: Just Mike Designs/SHWA

WPW: How long did you train at the SHWA Forge before making your debut?

CRUDE: Wow, straight into it... not even a hello or anything? I started training with SHWA in I believe late August - thanks to none other than Ashley Turner. His persistence got me there, and I was hooked from then on. I was a quick learner and debuted in November at Road to Redemption. I owe the fact that I even gave wrestling another chance to the persistence of Ash.

WPW: The best wrestling characters are usually the ones that are an extension of that performer’s personality. How much of Aston Crude is in your everyday self?
CRUDE: (Laughs) If you meet me you'll see that I'm actually a rather quiet, polite kind of guy. Only my best friends see the lewd version of myself. It's definitely me though - it's the side of me that doesn't get to come out much because I'm pretty well mannered all the time. It's almost like what I bottle up finally comes out when I portray the Aston Crude character.

WPW: Who came up with the idea to do Total Attitude and how long does it usually take to come up with an episode?
CRUDE: I came up with the idea a while back because I want to do what nobody else in Perth, or Australia has done, or can do. Try to... separate myself from everybody else. Nobody really has a show like this. I guess I kind of thought that “The Dirt Sheet” with John Morrison and Miz was well done and thought I could do it even better. Usually, I only have a brief idea of what a show is going to be about just before we record it. All my rants are improvised, and pretty much done in one take.

WPW: What do you enjoy doing most, the wrestling or cutting promos?
CRUDE: As fun as my promo's are, I always prefer the walk to the talk. I'm working on my ring skills, I think within the next few months you'll see some drastic changes in my weight and size, and my in ring work. Which will make it even more fun.

WPW: Outside of wrestling, you perform Stand-Up Comedy. Obviously, this is where you mic skills and promo cutting was honed. Do you have any upcoming gigs and could you give us an example of one of your favourite pieces?
CRUDE: Since doing the wrestling I haven't done any gigs, but I plan to. I’ve got some great stories to tell. Usually at the Brisbane or the Brass Monkey. I don’t think giving an example could possibly do any of my jokes or stories justice - it needs the delivery I give it at my gigs! I'll post comedy gig dates for 2011 on my Aston Crude page for everyone to see in the coming weeks as soon as I bother getting more bookings.

WPW: In regards to something you mentioned in the first edition of The Lewd View. Did you really sleep with a chick from Australia’s Next Top Model?
CRUDE: (Laughs) You pervert. Yeah, that wasn't a lie. I picked her up at a bar - she was surrounded by men. I don't know how I did it. Perhaps the curiosity of my cute butt in tight jeans got the better of her.

WPW: What sort of feedback have you received on the WPW column, The Lewd View and what can WPW readers expect from future columns?
CRUDE: The feedback has been great, I feel like I can do no wrong at the moment! Lots of people from SHWA, EPW, my friends, my family have been so great with their feedback. It means a lot. In future columns I suppose I’ll continue to put over SHWA heels! If it’s anything SHWA needs, it's someone to talk up the talented guys we have. I still feel like a lot of people aren't taking us seriously enough - so I’ll use the LV to talk us up. Other than that I'll probably talk about the lost arts in Pro Wrestling, and my favorite moments in wrestling history.

WPW: Who would you like to have matches against in the future, either WA talent or Interstate?
CRUDE: To be honest, I'm still watching 80’s and 90’s wrestling all the time, so I don’t even really know anyone interstate! Kyote would be someone. I'd like to wrestle Shane Haste because we go way back when I was a teenager, and I think I could learn a lot from him. In SHWA, I want to work with Crazy Train in a lengthy program because I think we could have some incredible matches, and of course Dan Steel - he's a close friend and he's damn good in the ring. I would trust that guy with my life.

WPW: Only six months into your pro career, at SHWARMAGEDDON you received your first shot at Jarrad Slate and the SHWA Championship in a Triple Threat Match, with Avalanche. Are you surprised to have risen up the ranks so quickly?
CRUDE: Not really. Slate has beaten every heel at this stage so he needs someone new to battle! (Laughs) I know that’s not the only reason though. I'm surprised that it's happened so early in my career, but I knew it would happen at some point. Crude is too much of a loudmouth and little p***k to keep away from the spotlight. I think people often complain in wrestling about their "push". It's not about waiting for a push or an opportunity; it's about making your own push. I haven't just sat there and waited, I’ve been proactive in trying to get over as best I can. I've become noticed because the Crude character acts like he's a big deal.

WPW: What are you hoping to achieve in the business over the next, say, two years?
CRUDE: Firstly I want to meet Amber from EPW because she makes me purr. I also want to help SHWA become taken much more seriously as a wrestling company. I think we've started moving in the right direction, it's just going to take time to work out the kinks. So, I'll continue to work my butt off to bulk up, get in great shape and get real good in the ring. As well as all that, I want to be SHWA Heavyweight Champion (or if we ever bring out an “Intercontinental” level upper midcard title) and I want to wrestle in every state during the next two years. One things for sure though Tez, I'm living the dream I had when I was 12 years old and I won't ever be slowing down.

WPW: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, Aston.

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