Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Mean Scene #12

Photo: Tez Himself

One half of the voices of Explosive Pro Wrestling, and the two time WPW Commentator of the Year, Mean Dean Olsen brings WPW all the latest on the EPW scene.

It’s time for The Mean Scene yet again and WOW, Explosive Pro Wrestling’s historic show Midday Mayhem did not disappoint, what an amazing display of how exciting the future of EPW is looking. It was the first EPW afternoon show in 10 years and dare I say it was worth the wait. With fantastic, face paced action from start to finish and a few surprises too, it was an event that was not to be missed.

We started things off with a three way to find a new number 1 contender for Tyler Jacobs’ EPW Hardcore Championship. It was Alex Kingston, Dan Moore and Chase Griffin battling it out in a match with risks taken, skateboards and trashcan’s used as weapons. Chase in the end won the match, then Jacobs came out and beat down Dan and told Chase at Evolution the Hardcore title match would be a Chain Match.

Jamie Jurah next, made short work of Barry Schmidt. Bombarding him with stiff kicks and doing away with Barry, after the match Jurah told the EPW board of directors that he wants bigger matches and better competition in the future. Time will tell how this works out for Jurah.

Tag team action was next as the exciting team of Brett Foxx and Adam Banks were up against The Blackest Hour. Adrian Priest and Dorian had to try and get past the quick unpredictable offence of there opponents but thanks to Rick Sanders and a handful of powder, The Blackest Hour have continued there dominance in EPW.

We had a Grudge Match next to end the on going feud between "the Shootfighter" Gavin McGavin and “Gorgeous” Garry Schmidt. This was a great match showcasing how well these two have gotten to know each others style throughout there many bouts. With plenty of counters and an impressive showing from Schmidt, Mcgavin was too good winning by submission with his ankle lock hold.

Next we had a number 1 contenders match with the returning Bobby Marshall up against “the Golden Greek” Marcius Pitt. Much to the surprise of many, Pitt dominated this match up, something not many people can say after matches with Marshall. The action was intense from the get go, but after a brutal F-5 on the outside concrete floor and another inside the ring Pitt was crowned the new number 1 contender for the EPW championship. After Pitt's loss at Goldrush, he looked more focussed than ever before at Midday Mayhem.

After the halftime break, Lukey and I drew the raffle as we often do and were then interrupted by Leo Pratt. Lukey exchanged insults with Pratt, much like at Goldrush and yet again Leo’s wit can not match that of Lukey’s. Frustrated, Pratt then started to attack Lukey, with Lukey having enough of the nonsense, gave Leo the big hulk smash. Pratt came back from this with a low blow and nailed the Party Popper and took Lukey out. At this time I would like to with Lukey all the best and a speedy recovery.

Everyone was in for a treat next as we had a tag team title, Tables Match. Reigning champs Team Allstar were defending against Wimbledon and Vice. Earlier in the show Vice took out Brad West by putting him through a table and as soon as the match started they disposed of Big Vin too. What was a smart game plan for the former champs, Wimbledon and Vice were impressive in this match and even managed to injure The Don and put him through a table. Then they focused on Sebastian Sander and he took a tonne of punishment. But eventually The Don returned to the match and pushed Johnny Wimbledon through our announce table, then it was the combined Team Allstar who planted Vice through a table to retain the titles.

“Hollywood” Kiel Steria with William Darcy next came out and issued a challenge to his former Blitz Team partner Alex Kingston. At this point in time we have not heard a reply from Kingston but be sure to stay tuned to for more details as they arrive.

The main event was next, EPW champion Davis Storm was defending his title against AZ Vegara. With Amber out of action, JT aligned himself with AZ and had a big impact in the match, he got involved at every available opportunity with sneak attacks all over the place. Storm’s chances were not looking good, with AZ being very dominant and cutting every corner he could, AZ was on top of his game and had the better of many of the matches contests. After AZ avoided the Eye of the Storm and missed hitting the Vertebreaker, Davis locked on the crossface and AZ had no choice but to tap out. An amazingly thrilling match up both men fought a hell of a battle and the future is defiantly looking bright for Vegara, but as Storm was celebrating his title victory, Marcius Pitt made his way to the ring. Pitt said Storm claims to be a fighting champion and demanded he put the title on the line then and there. The new number 1 contender wanted to capitalise on the champion who had just been through one hell of a fight.

The bell rung and it was on, an impromptu title defence. The effects of his match just minutes ago meant Storm was not 100 percent. Pitt who had rested after his match came straight out and nailed an F-5 wanting to get it over with quick, but Storm kicked out. After some more back and forth action and hitting another F-5 Marcius Pitt got the three count and was crowned the new EPW champion. No one saw this coming and Pitt was ravenous at Midday Mayhem so things in EPW are defiantly looking to be exciting in the future.

After what has been a spectacular beginning to the year, this leads us to the 10th annual Evolution. If Midday Mayhem has shown us anything, it’s that you can’t afford to miss any of EPW’s shows. With the Hardcore title Chain Match announced and many more to come, you can bet this will be an event not to be missed and I want to see everyone there. If you love your pro wrestling your going to love EPW’s Evolution. Until next time, keep supporting local wrestling and stay tuned to

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