Monday, July 12, 2010

Attention WA wrestlers is looking to add new wrestlers to our growing database of Australian pro wrestlers so if you are not listed on our database the email us at and in the subject title put “add wrestler”. Click here to see a demo page and a run down of info you need to put into your database profile. Copy and paste the list below in your email and fill out all the details to be put on your profile and attach a picture of yourself in full wrestling gear, preferably a full body shot but at least from the knees up in JPG format and no bigger than 300 x 500 pixels. We accept all submissions but we are only looking for legit Australian pro wrestlers so no international wrestlers, no backyard wrestlers and no video game profiles will be placed in our database. You must be able to show that you are currently listed with a promotion or have wrestled for a promotion in the past with contact details for us to confirm in case we have any doubts about your claims. So please submit your profile now and let us help you to promote yourself in the Australian pro wrestling business.

If you need to edit anything on your profile that is not right or out of date send an email to us at and in the subject title put “edit wrestler”. Copy and paste the list below in your email and fill out your name and then just the areas you need changed or a new photo of yourself. We leave it in the wrestlers hands to help us out by updating us with info for there profiles as it would near impossible for us to collect this info on our own, so we do appreciate if you the wrestler could keep an eye on your profile and keep us updated, we thank you for your help.

Copy and paste this list in you email and fill in your details, that you would like to add.

Home Town:
Finishing Move:
Wrestling Style :
Currently Working For:
Email address:
Facebook account:
Twitter account:
Myspace account:
You Tube account:
Personal webpage address:

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